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Pre-Easter Update

Hey guys! Hope all is well.  Just thought we would post a little update before we all head off to stuff our faces with chocolate over the Easter holiday.  To start with, IRIS, Sirens & Shelter and Ryan Mills are all off on the Live In The Living Room But Not In The Living Room Spring Tour starting tomorrow.  We have posted this before but just in case you’ve forgotten, here’s the official tour poster…


Our German friends, The Satellite Year have announced the name of their second album.  It’s called ‘Brooklyn 1AM’ and the band will be in studio from 25th April recording.  Hidden Cabins also have a show at The Rail House in New Jersey this Friday.  Look out for Craig and the guys from The World Concave on the next Local Aid charity cover of Simple Minds ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’. The legend that is Arthur Walwin has released another amazing cover on YouTube.  Check out his cover of ‘Rather Be’ by Clean Bandit below…

Finally, Breaching Vista are playing a show purely of 90′s covers on Saturday 3rd May at Cork Hall in Ontario, Canada which sounds really cool.  Love 90′s music.  Anyway, that’s it for now.  We hope you all have a great Easter and we’ll be back with more awesome news very soon.

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Sale! Sale! Sale!

Hey guys! We’re doing a sale! That’s right a sale.  Everyone loves a sale.  The nature of this particular sale is as follows, 10 of our big new releases for £10. That’s right, you can get 10 of our new release CDs for the princely sum of just£10! Sounds too good to be true right? Well we speak the truth friends.  Have a look at our new releases poster below and see what you can get for your money…


To take advantage of this awesome sale then you need to send us an email at  It’s an offer too good to pass up.  Anyway we hope you all have a great Easter and we’ll catch you soon.

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Go bag yourself some HOT PEACH!

Hey guys! Just a quick update to tell you about our Canadian friends HOT PEACH and their awesome merch store.  You can find said awesome merch store at  We recommend you visit the store and fill your faces with HOT PEACH related goodness as they’ve got some really cool stuff on offer.  Any money spent on merch will go directly to the band to help them pay for the costs of recording their next three poptastic tunes.  So yeah, head to the merch store and pick up some HOT PEACH. It could count towards your five day (probably not but we won’t tell anyone).  Anyways, we’ll be back with more awesome Engineer news very soon.  Catch ya laters.

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Would You Like To See Inside The Blue House?

Hey guys! We have new Sirens & Shelter news to share with you.  Exciting right? Well we’ve received word that Sirens & Shelter is releasing a new EP of previously unreleased material called ‘The Blue House’ EP in exchange for your email address which he will add to his mailing list.  Sounds pretty cool right?  Here’s what he had to say about the new EP;


‘After I recorded and released Through The War last October I had some unfinished song ideas laying around which never quite made the record, and here they are! 4 songs which are stripped back with no B.S… No artsy intros, barely any second verses, no auto-tune, barely mixed and as honest as it gets.

I recorded, mixed and mastered everything over two days in my living room in the basement flat of this big blue house which I’m moving out of in the next couple of weeks so it’s kind of a cool thing for me to keep and remember as it is for you to have and enjoy (hopefully).’

Scott’s also said that 3 of the tracks on the EP will be released later on in the year on a new split EP but he would like to know which ones should make the release so why do not tell him what you think?  Hit him up on and give him your views.  Make sure you send him your email address so you can get ‘The Blue House’ EP first though.  Sirens has also called the EP artwork a bad selfie but we think it’s pretty cool.  Anyways, we’ll be back with more awesome news very soon.  Catch you laters.

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The 411

Bonjourno! Here’s a news update for your reading pleasure.  To start with, THE AFTERPARTY’s new t-shirts are selling like hot cakes.  Sizes small and medium have almost sold out and there’s limited stock in larger sizes as well.  Head to to get your hands on one before they’re all gone.  The World Concave have been featured in Mass Movement Magazine.  The article talks about their new album ‘Feed The Current To The Ground’.  Check out the article at

Sirens & Shelter is busy recording his new mailing list EP.  To receive a copy all you need to do is head to to send him your email address and you’ll received a copy of the EP in return.  Take a look at this photo of recording in progress…


As we mentioned yesterday, Hidden Cabins’ new split EP with Eyeswan is available on Monday 12th May.  Make sure you get a copy when it drops.  Finally, Arthur Walwin’s new album is currently in the making.  Check out this photo of a track in progress…


That’s it for now people.  We’ll be back with more awesome news very soon.  Peace out.

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New Hidden Cabins news!

Hey guys! Just thought we’d share this awesome picture of the new Hidden Cabins/Eyeswan split 10″ EP.  It looks pretty sweet…


The EP is out digitally and on 10″ on Monday 12th May so keep your eyes peeled for it. Cheers guys.

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