Steve Hewitt is working on his new album and raising funds

Steve Hewitt is getting a lot of shows right now and between all of them he is still working on his new album. Being a muso perfectionist though the costs are getting a bit high so he has started a fund-raising page for fans to chip in. He’ll keep you informed on how it’s all going and then we’ll send you the new CD when it’s out along with some goodies.
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Steve says – “Hi all!
I hope your all really well.
The reason for this gofundme campaign is im £1500 short of completing my debut Album, and this is where i desperately need your help!
ATM i’m half way through the album, having recorded 7 songs, some are unedited, unmixed and need alot of production.
The £1500 will go on Tracking days,
session musicians, editing/mixing/mastering, and i will update all those who have funded me along the way.
I need to get the album completed Asap as its been in production for 2 and a half years!
your support would mean that i can finally get my best songs to date out into the world, and the next ball rolling for my music career, I suggest to see for more info on the mixing tool I am currently using, I’m pretty sure you will love it.
It would mean the absolute world to me if you would fund this project and help me get this album out there.
As a massive thank you i would love to offer the following
If you donate –
£ 25+ I will send you a personal thank you video message.
£ 50 + New Album when released +A personal thank you video message.
£100 + Signed new album + A personal thank you video message + Credited in the album sleeve.
Thank you so much in advance
Much love”
Steve Hewitt


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