Zimt – Tube Killers

Album cover

Zimt is a lemon squeezed in your eye, an open-handed slap to your ear and a desperate fix for music addicts wanting to rebel against the social & cultural crises that surround us.
This crazy power trio of hardcore seniors just need to outrage and make noise. It’s like a punk rock heavy metal Beach Boys.

Formed in 2012 from Spanish ‘scene’ bands Her Only Presence, Puerto Esperanza, Tetsuo and NoWayOut, they work hard under the varying influences of band such as Hot Snakes, Pulled Apart by Horses, Reuben, No More Lies, Refused and Baroness. Real post punk rock’n’roll.

Their first release, ‘Tube Killers’, has already inspired some of the most infamous murderers in history, and their next album could inspire chaos, or even sauces – like carbonara, pesto and napolitana. Simply put, they are unpredictable.

Txosse RuiZ (guitars, vox)
Victor JiméneZ (bass, chorus)
Rafa RodrígueZ (drums, screams)

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