Worlds Between Us – Life In Colored Squares

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  • For fans of Refused, The Rise, Poison The Well, Every Time I Die

Track Listing

  1. Error 0887 occurred
  2. Distance:Restored
  3. Metronom heartbeats (are fashionable)
  4. Confusion channeled into music (and vice versa)
  5. A shadow you soon will be
  6. Nothing is true, everything is permitted

About this Release 

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Life In Colored Squares is the debut release from Worlds Between Us and it gives us great and original sounding political hardcore delivered with power and skill. Rocking from the very first moments and not limiting itself to certain influences or focusing on a certain genre. The band have achieved something very special with this record. It is at once melodic, varied and powerful. As with any art, the band is clearly a means of expression for its members and with the soaring, catchy vocals reflecting the singers personal views and thoughts, and the pure originality of this music, you know they’ve got something to say. The guitar work is particularly amazing, with all the power of Canaan or Bane but with the added skill of At The Drive-In or Thin Lizzy. These guys are as powerful as any band out there but catchy, clever and original with it. Life In Colored Squares has six great new tracks, plus a bonus of two extra versions of Metronome Heartbeats. The potential on display here is astounding.

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