Winter In June and Steel Rules Die – Split

Album cover

Track Listing

  1. Winter In June – Looking back doesn’t equal living now
  2. Winter In June – When no-one else gave a fuck
  3. Winter In June – A heart has reasons
  4. Steel Rules Die – A mile a minute
  5. Steel Rules Die – Lives like Movies
  6. Steel Rules Die – Our time honoured tradition of trying too hard

About this Release

Winter In June have been making a name for themselves through near constant touring and support slots with the likes of Bane, Count Me Out and Nine.

They previously released a split CD with Urotsukidoji (also available on Engineer records) and now their sound has developed from that of a metal edged hardcore band into a more Swedish influenced punk rock style.

They have been compared to Nine and Strike Anywhere. This split CD features three of the most original sounding hard punk rock songs that should appeal to a wide spectrum of both punk rock and hardcore fans alike.

Steel Rules Die were formed in winter 2001 from the ashes of Anthem of the Century and other UK scene bands. They have a particularly individual sound comparable to old school hardcore bands like Lifetime, Jawbreaker, Kid Dynamite, Hot Water Music and Reach The Sky.

They have toured with AFI, Strike Anywhere, As Friends Rust, Agnostic Front and Grade. This split CD is their first release since the acclaimed ‘Nostalgia For Beginners’ album. Steel Rules Die’s three song contribution to this spilt CD is amongst the most dynamic hardcore you’ll hear this year.

Three tracks each from two of the best hardcore bands in the UK right now. Get your copy and hear it for yourself.

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