White Crosses – Anchorless

Album cover

Formed in summer 2014 in Warsaw, Poland and first releasing “Naive Handshakes EP” in spring 2015, White Crosses originate from the Polish HC/Punk DIY scene and have all played in a few bands before. As White Crosses they keep playing gigs in Poland to promote their new CDEP release “Anchorless”. Their music is honest, straight-forward and with a real Post HC foundation. Catchy riffs and heavy rhythms create a great sonic space for touching vocals.
White Crosses remind us of all the great gruff but melodic HC bands such as Jawbreaker, Kover, Red Car Burns, Cornflames, Rydell, HotWaterMusic, Hunter Gatherer, Small Brown Bike, etc.
Anchorless will blow you away…

1, A sentimental story
2, Sing the heart out
3, Straits
4, Dead Souls
5, Anchorless

The first video / single from this EP is ‘Dead Souls’.
White Crosses have now changed their name to ‘Franken’.

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