We.re All Broken – Ltd Coloured Vinyl

Album cover


  • Limited Edition Brown-Splatter Vinyl w/ Gold Print Jackets limited to 500 copies first pressing. This color-scheme will not be repeated!
  • Features current single from “Campaign Moving Slow” (Fidelity Records) as well as 2 UNIQUE recorded versions of “Baltimore” (Acoustic) and “Hail Vagabond Bride” (Revisited)
  • Final track contains 92-voice childrens choir, as well as strings, keys, cello, etc… as well as guest appearances by members of Marigold and The Killing Gift.
  • Split-label release with the adventurous KOI RECORDS from Texas.

Track Listing

  1. Ambrosia
  2. Baltimore (Acoustic) [mp3]
  3. Hail Vagabond Bride (Acoustic Remix)

About this Release

This release is phenomenal. We.re All Broken share their latest adrenaline charged single “Ambrosia,” as well as 2 newly reimagined tracks from their latest album “Campaign Moving Slow” out on Fidelity Records. With 2 unique tracks unheard before this vinyl release, WAB have astounded us with organic versions that can only be described as epic! Multi-layered, emotive, acoustic and ambient…featuring keys, strings & even a 92-voice childrens choir! This release has to be heard to be believed! Truly a unique band blazing their own trail through emotionally charged epic rock landscapes.

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