Various Artists – Sound From The Ground: Engineer Records Sampler

Album cover


  • Label Sampler for 2011. Available June 10, 2011 from digital distros.

Track Listing

  1. Call Off The Search – Train Yourself To Drive In Colour
  2. Kyoto Drive – Chapters
  3. The Satellite Year – Girls Go Movie
  4. Nikson – I Was Thinking… (Album Version)
  5. Rydell – Team building exercise
  6. The World Concave – Jehovah’s Witness Protection Program
  7. Her Only Presence – Goodnight
  8. Mikee J Reds – Living Well
  9. The Lion And The Wolf – The Lion And The Wolf
  10. Nathaniel Sutton – Groggy Morning

About this Release

10 diverse tracks culled from Engineer Records current batch of artists for the beginning of 2011. Features fine choices of alternative, acoustic, emo, post-punk…but all easily filed under their most prevalent title, ROCK. Download link forthcoming; Available June 10, 2011.

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