Various Artists – Shudder To Think Tribute

Album cover


  • Features 18 bands covering a broad range of today’s alternative scene.
  • Almost all tracks exclusive to this CD.
  • Strong existing fan-base for these songs from a seminal and popular US band.
  • Songs run in chronological order from their original releases.
  • Cover artwork inspired by the classic Dischord style.

Track Listing

  1. Medicine Wheel – Jade Dust Eyes
  2. Mancando – Rag
  3. Springhill – On The Rain
  4. Rydell – Heaven Ditty
  5. Yeast – Chocolate
  6. Joshua – Lies About The Sky
  7. The Casket Lottery – Red House
  8. Meredith Bragg – Funeral At The Movies
  9. San Quentin – I Blew Away/Ride That Sexy Horse
  10. Tomorrow – Shake Your Halo Down
  11. Mico – White Page
  12. Half Foot Outside – Pebbles
  13. Firebird Band – She Wears He-Harem
  14. We Talked About Murder – 9 Fingers On You
  15. Elemae – X-French Tee Shirt
  16. Big Collapse – No Rm 9 Kentucky
  17. Cheswick – The Saddest Day Of My Life
  18. Sloe – I Want Somebody Badly

About this Release 

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Back in the mists of time when embarking on assembling Engineer’s first compilation, The Casket Lottery, of their own accord, delivered an amazing version of “Red House”, a faithful to original yet perfect acknowledgement of the true weight and character of a classic Shudder To Think song. This drove the label to not only release the track immediately but also inevitably commanded the birth of a Shudder To Think tribute.

With the understanding that such a tribute had not been ventured upon before the label set about putting things in motion with an initial intention of an EP showcasing a few well known STT tracks. Then when unknown band Dira offered a rendition of “Jade Dust Eyes” under their new name The Medicine Wheel (a version featuring incredibly similar style vocals) things really started to take shape.

It became apparent that Shudder To Think were obviously a band that not only created great songs but over the years have pulled out talent from bands that would soon relish the opportunity to pay homage. These very facts display angles and diversity not before delivered by these bands – until now!

Including the mellow, dreamy version of “Lies About the Sky” from Joshua, the folky cover of “Funeral At The Movies” from Speedwell vocalist Meredith Bragg and the Electro take on ‘she Wears He-Harem” from The Firebird Band (ex-Braid), the result turned into 18 tracks of eclectic style-bending songs. Some pay tribute through sheer quality of close reproduction, like Yeast’s fantastic charge through “Chocolate” or Tomorrow’s weighty slant on ‘shake Your Halo Down”. Others pay their debts through refreshing re-interpretation like Rydell’s clever combination of “Heaven Here” and “Day Ditty” rolled into one.

Whatever the method, each song has been reproduced with nothing less than passion and this makes for an ideal tribute to a band that were really always about stretching the boundaries and sharing their mysterious, wonderfully melodic and inspiring music. See how they”ve touched these quality bands and then reap the benefit that some incredible songs have been crafted in their own right – What more could we have hoped for!?

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