Various Artists – Firework Anatomy

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  • Previously unreleased tracks from: Red Animal War, Penfold, The Casket Lottery, San Geronimo (Ex-Lifetime, Drowningman, Jets To Brazil, Kevlar (Members of Starmarket)
  • First in a compilation series

Track Listing

  1. San Geronimo – My Friend James
  2. A Rocket Sent To You – Chesapeake, America
  3. Two Weeks From Tomorrow – In Time
  4. Speedwell – Oceans Are Armlengths
  5. Rydell – The Plot Is Lost
  6. Dira – Pinocchio
  7. My Spacecoaster – 13 and Growing
  8. Slowride – Sorry For July
  9. Ashen – Without
  10. Red Animal War – The Insanity
  11. Grade – The Worst Lies Are Told In Silence
  12. Kevlar – Line Of The Chalk
  13. Penfold – Human Drama
  14. Crosstide – Backwards
  15. Mock Orange – Brake Lights On
  16. Hillside – Counting Time
  17. That Very Time I Saw – Don Quixote
  18. Hunter Gatherer – Down With The Ship
  19. Five Cent Hero – Mayday
  20. The Casket Lottery – Red House

About this Release

Think back to when you were you young and life was simple and exciting. Remember the thrill of traipsing through a cold winter’s night to the local firework display? Or seeing those vast rows of crazy coloured boxes in the glass cabinet you could never touch in your local store? Well, imagine the jaw dropping contents you so desperately wanted to unleash weren’t firecrackers or rockets but awesome emotional, powerful songs that could just become an integral part of your life and sanity!

Whether you”re searching for a definitive compilation of some of the most exciting bands around or simply keen to find an introduction to the hardcore scene, Firework Anatomy will more than satisfy your needs. The quality of the bands throughout and the grin making, mood-changing songs (that’s all of them in case you were wondering) on display are what make this comp a superb representation of some of the most passionate, talented bands out there that are unbelievably still overlooked…but not for long!

With the appearance of already well-established bands like The Casket Lottery (performing an exclusive Shudder To Think cover) and Canadian heroes Grade, there is obviously instant appeal. However if you delve a bit deeper you Won’t be disappointed when you discover the rest of the amazing line up present on this CD. From powerful yet controlled emo from Speedwell, My Spacecoaster and Rydell, to wall to wall melodic hardcore from San Geronimo, Two Weeks From Tomorrow and That Very Time I Saw, all the best styles are explored here and with total class. There’s just not enough room on the page to express how good every single band is; you”ll just have to find out for yourself! All that’s left to say is get this compilation and discover what are sure to become some of your favourite ever bands and just be thankful that this is the first in a series!

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