Vanilla Sky – Waiting For Something

Album cover

Track Listing

  1. Distance
  2. Your Words
  3. Wasting All My Time
  4. Unfriend
  5. The Point
  6. Wait For The Sun
  7. Looking For Memories
  8. 70 Miles Far Away
  9. Broken Car
  10. Never Falling Star
  11. The Ghost Track

About this Release

Four young guys from Rome, Italy, heavily influenced by the sounds they heard coming from the USA, had the common dream of creating a special band. Back in 2002 they set off pursuing their dream and in their Dads garage recorded their first songs. These came out as a great demo and the buzz began. The band went on tour and released records on several European and Japanese labels. Soon thousands of kids were starting to get into Vanilla Sky’s exciting sound.

Now Vanilla Sky have recorded their first full album, “Waiting For Something” and it is taking the pop-punk world by storm. The catchy and cool as hell guitar pop-punk is proving very popular with everyone who hears it and Vanilla Sky could well be Europe’s answer to the likes of Blink 182, New Found Glory, Saves The Day and Get Up Kids.

The band went out on tour again, including a stint with The Ataris, and the roar is continuing. This is just the beginning for Europe’s premier Pop Punk band.

The record is released on Wynona Records from Italy and licensed to Engineer Records for the UK.

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