Urotsukidoji and Winter In June – Split

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  • For fans of: Bane, Boy Sets Fire, Shai Hulud, Zao, Another Victim, Planes Mistaken for Stars, Engrave, To Die For, xCanaanx, Sworn In, In the Clear, American Nightmare, Shogun, Converge, Taken, Strike Anywhere, 30 Seconds Until Armageddon.
  • Increasing strong UK following.
  • Shows with xCanaanx, Like Herod, The Deal, Third Season.
  • Urotsukidoji – Belgium tour, spring 2002 with xCanaanx.
  • Winter In June – UK tour, spring 2002 with Nine.

Track Listing

  1. Urotsukidoji – Moment of Truth
  2. Urotsukidoji – Daemon Room
  3. Urotsukidoji – Fly the Coop
  4. Winter In June – Whatever It Takes
  5. Winter In June – Reason To Give
  6. Winter In June – In Our View

About this Release

With incredible bands like xCanaanx, 30 Seconds Until Armageddon, Sworn In and In the Clear blasting out in the last couple of years, the UK’s reputation for crushing, passionate, intense hardcore has been elevated to something that commands a lot more respect these days and is frankly very exciting.

Two of the newest and most impressive bands from South East England Urotsukidoji and Winter In June are proving this is no brief encounter but the start of a new revolution for the UK hardcore scene.

Each band is young, fresh and extremely heavy, upholding and slotting into the latest trend perfectly but also stamping their mark as serious, great hardcore bands. Each band has been relentlessly touring for the last 6 months, exciting straight edge and emo kids alike and at last offer up 3 songs each, captured here on this incredibly charged split EP.

“Urotsukidoji get things rolling with their first track “Moment of Truth”, instantly recognisable to those who have had the pleasure of attending one of their crazy shows but just as likely to blow away a first time listener. They play dense, fast hardcore that predominately uses discordant guitar builds to unexpected flying-start sections that sit down at lightening pace whilst the insanely harsh vocals come in rounding the sound off to an intense wall of power, full of aggression and intelligent harmonies.

Imagine the speed of AMERICAN NIGHTMARE played with the diversity of PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS fused and layered with the angry, intense vocals of ENGRAVE or CONVERGE.

Winter in June are up next following a classy sample from the “Predator” movie, a good warm up for something you know is going to come crashing in with style. WIJ have a sound that leans more towards the new breed of straight edge mix that’s taking the scene by storm. Imagine the old school / new school mixed styling of BANE built up to incredible, tight and rhythmic breakdowns that bring TO DIE FOR and the heavier side of BOY SETS FIRE to mind, topped with a high, screamed vocal that provides an older “youth crew” side to the sound.

This is classic sounding hardcore, relying on a straight edge, anthematic kind of musical approach and original lyrical style that embodies a proposing positive attitude that will have you running around pointer your fingers in the air. This release will tear the walls down and they”ve only just started!..’the choice is yours”!!!

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