TONOTA 80 – Killer Sands and Beating Hearts

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With a band name taken from a vaporising device featured in the 1970’s sci-fi novel ‘A Whirlpool Of Stars’, UK punk-rock trio Tonota 80 bring us their new album, Killer Sands And Beating Hearts.
The Maidstone, Kent based three-piece cite influences from a myriad of genres and bands such as Husker Du, Dinosaur Jr, Swervedriver and Radio Birdman.
The opening track, She Let Go has the 1980s fuzz guitar of Husker Du and layers over the 1960s vocal harmonies to produce a grungy effort that we loved. The much faster Show Me The Door maintains the vocal harmonies but adds a rougher, rawer riff driven garage punk backing to produce a fuzzed out party!
On Could Do Better, Tonota 80 really channel Bob Mould and Grant Hart with superb bass and drums supporting fuzz guitars and harmonies aplenty from the vocals. Tonight is a raucous rocker with strong melody and rasping guitars whilst During The War is a little more UK82 punk rock, albeit with a garage rock feel.
The twelve-track album continues with Back In The World where the vocals are more up in the mix with some atonal elements, rhythmic changes all backed by some driving guitars and You’ve Got An Answer For Everything would not sound out of place on a Copper album.
Beetle In A Jar is a tighter, faster punk rock effort with Montauk more mid-paced but not lacking hooks and power. The churning and chunky Ugly Suits has a strong bass underpinning with a catchy melody and the penultimate song, What People Say is a faster effort full of monster riffs, melodic vocals and head-banging power!
This excellent album ends with the almost five-minute pounder, No Good where harmonies compete with some excellent riffs before giving way to a mournful piano, and synth strings to see us out.

1, She Let Go 3:15
2, Show Me the Door 2:02
3. Could Do Better 2:32
4, Tonight 3:44
5, During the War 1:40
6, Back in the World 2:22
7, You’ve Got an Answer for Everything 2:46
8, Beetle in a Jar 2:41
9, Montauk 2:35
10, Ugly Suits 2:26
11, What People Say 3:37
12, No Good 4:51

The first video / single from the album is Could do better
The second video / single from the album is Montauk

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