Tidal and Acabah Rot – Split 12″

Album cover


  • Fans of: Standstill, Romeo Is Bleeding, Engrave, Yage, Boy Sets Fire, My Hero Died Today, Enfold, Envy, Merel, 400 Years, Iconoclast.
  • Tidal – previous releases on Per Koro, Incendiary and Nihilove Records.
  • Tidal – Tours with Garrison.

Track Listing

  1. Tidal – Warten Auf Godot Das Und Das Nichts
  2. Tidal – Absinthe Debate
  3. Acabah Rot – Welt Im Kopf
  4. Acabah Rot – Erkenntnis

About this Release

ce the release of their inspirational full length “Moment” last year, Tidal have created an incredible amount of interest and are quickly sweeping through the alternative scene impressing everyone as they go.

This is by no means undeserved as they are a truly original and exciting band that whilst rock as much as you”d expect these days from a screaming intense emo band from Germany, bring something far more original and indefinable than most others in the genre.

With a perfect blend of emo, hardcore and metal Tidal on first impression, sound like a good, solid hardcore band but they quickly seduce you into a style that constantly surprises and pleases.

All the touches are there that make for a band you can properly get into; it’s heavy and rocking enough not to drift away but equally mesmerising in use of whirling, eclectic guitars and effects that encompass incredible power and harmony. The vocals are beyond satisfyingly harsh but somehow easy to follow, the drumming distinctive in sound and style as they are held just above the edge of losing control and bass lines that round off the sound, providing a welcome, often unexpected melodic angle.

The sound is more dense and drawn out than previous releases displaying how the band are maturing by the second becoming more accomplished, experimenting with building, powerful, evocative music. Acabah Rot take the split side of this release and are more than just an awesome compliment to Tidal but also a formidable new band.

Again hailing from Germany Acabah Rot are climbing the hardcore/emo ladder but will soon be leaving others behind and fast catching up Tidal as they offer up two tracks of power packed screaming hardcore. This flows with emotion and angst and you know that this band have been working hard to relay their obvious talent and passion.

More upbeat than Tidal and just as powerful their music is instant and whilst not as experimental and diverse, still layered with metallic, hardcore crossovers and pure emotion. Not what you”d expect to hear from a debut release, more like a third album! Fans of early 90’s expressive, emotional hardcore like Merel, 400 years and Iconoclast will be highly impressed from sounds like these emerging from two new bands. Whilst those following the new breed of hardcore, screamo and metal like Standstill, Engrave, Envy and Romeo Is Bleeding will undoubtedly move Tidal and Acabah Rot to the top of their listening pile.

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