The World Concave – Feed The Current To The Ground

Album cover
1. Escalator
2. Hang On To Your Arms
3. Out Of Phase
4. Bars
5. Where Do We Go?
6. Come My Way My Lady
Four years ago, The World Concave surfaced with their debut release Harbor almost by accident, metaphorically speaking.  Better explained, the situation was a non-chalant agreement between friends from past songwriting situations, combining years worth of ideas, sporadic songwriting bursts and a common desire to finely tune their audio, into a mini-album of sorts.  Along with a few newly inspired songs, the result was a 7-song broadstroking yet consistently flowing EP that went well-received by those that listened, gaining exposure in the form of positive reviews and compilation appearances. The completion of Harbor kept the spark lit, leading to a follow-up single one year later for the digital single “Loom,” a song instantly capturing the melancholic intrigue of their previous release, yet sounding as if on a more instantly digestible path.  “Loom” doubled as a video release, landing a premiere on the front page of BlankTV and in it’s partner YouTube channel.
On March 31st, 2014, The World Concave and Engineer Records are ready to usher forth a new chapter to this ongoing studio-band project, with a set of 6-new songs entitled Feed The Current To The Ground, engineered and mixed by Chris Badami at Portrait Recording Studios.  Present are the pendulum of moods this group likes to swing upon, from witty, spirited indie-rock, to pensive, ambient folk moments flowing naturally throughout.  Included in their multi-instrumental sound, are a new batch of guest musicians, adding flourishes of piano, strings, various percussion and further orchestration.
Like it’s predecessors, Feed The Current To The Ground is an EP which takes the listener on an an infusing journey, yet never tiring them from reaching the end.  It’s safe to say the aptly coined “heady music for the heavy hearted” tag bestowed upon The World Concave in a previous press release won’t be leaving them any time soon…and that’s quite alright as far as we’re concerned, as long as it keeps sounding as interesting as this.  The new album is will be available on 31st March so prepare yourself for something awesome.
•  For fans of Death Cab For Cutie, Nada Surf, Wintersleep, R.E.M., Rogue Wave, The Smiths, Desaparecidos, The Head and The Heart, Cursive
•  The World Concave previously featured on compilations from Exploding In Sound (USA); Pacific Ridge Records (USA); Oak Apple Records (Canada) alongside artists such as Crippled Black Phoenix, Wintersleep, Open Hand, Old Canes, The Twilight Sad, Caspian, We Were Promised Jetpacks and more.
•  Previous releases Harbor (2010) and Loom-single (2011) released on Engineer Records.
•  Engineered/Mixed by Chris Badami at Portrait Recording Studios, Pompton Plains, NJ.
•  The World Concave consists of members from (Damn) This Desert Air, Hidden Cabins and ex-members of M.N.B. and Elemae.

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