The Startover – The Startover

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  • For fans of Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, Gratitude, Hundred Reasons, Alkaline Trio, Bad Religion
  • Recorded at Emeline Recordings with Ian Sadler of The Sketch.
  • Touring throughout the summer and autumn 2009. Playing the HevyFest, MingeFest, AntFest and Hoffstock as well as shows with Lights Go Blue, The Xcerts, Floors and Walls, The Sketch, Adelaide.

Track Listing

  1. Stop, Rewind, Replay
  2. 360 vs. The Amstrad
  3. In-Ur-Endo (Todd)

About this Release 

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Just three tracks on this CD, but a good introduction to The Startover. Each track contains enough riffs and musical ideas for five cuts from another band. With three lead singers, The Startover manage tight vocal harmonies whilst clearly having a hell of a lot of fun. There’s sing-a-long choruses and 3-part vocal harmonies alongside serious riffage with breakdowns and hooks that just stick with you and keep even the most jaded rocker interested! With influences on show from pop-punk to metal and most things in between it’ll get you singing along and hoping for more from these guys soon.

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