The Startover – Survivor’s Guide

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  • Music video for “Worstcase Scenario” in production.
  • Notable gigs include: Hevy Fest, Total Rock, BBC Kent.
  • ”Touring in 2009/2010.

Track Listing

  1. Worstcase Scenario
  2. Last Hurrah
  3. Tactics (We’ll Sleep When You’re Dead)
  4. Breathings Overrated
  5. 13 Ways To Better Than You
  6. If You Build It
  7. Behind The Music – Survivors Guide

About this Release

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The Startover’s new CD, Survivor’s Guide, is loaded with everything from sinister chord progressions to consistently catchy melodies, from gut wrenching beat downs to subtle hints of electronica and all whilst maintaining their own distinctive edge to the pop punk sound.
Survivor’s Guide hosts seven tracks all boasting a commercial but independent sound telling tales of growing up, chasing girls, pure aggression and finding independence in such a spoon fed culture.

Critics may not label The Startover as the most ground breaking band they’ve ever heard – taking influences from bands like Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat World and Fightstar, but the band would never admit to being anything different and some bands just do it better than others.
If honest, catchy song writing and bags of character is what you’re looking for then look no further. The Startover have truly arrived.

Behind The Music – Survivors Guide

When writing our songs, it usually starts with one of us coming into practice with an initial idea, then by the end the final song sounds nothing like how it did when we first began. Everyone gets involved, we throw ideas around, try 101 different ways to play certain bits and whatever fits best sticks. Sometimes we have whole songs already when taking them to practice, sometimes we just have a riff or a vocal line and we build from there. We all bring different strengths to the table when writing whether they be melody lines, harmonies, structuring, riffs, hooks, or pure frank the beef. Everybody has their own style and it works with what we do.

The name for Survivors Guide didn’t come till well after the C.D was finished, we’d thrown around a few ideas and nothing seemed to stick, we had some serious ideas like “It’s a good time to be alive” and well stupid ones like ‘culinary classics’. Survivors Guide seemed to fit the song titles and what the songs were about for us. We’ve always been a firm believer in writing songs for ourselves and then if other people like them it’s kool; it saves trying to stay in trend and write with the times this way! So some of our songs are about well random stuff that’s happened in our lives, some are about situations we’ve been apart of or witnessed, some are about relationships be it with girls or friends and some are just upbeat fun fight anthems that everyone has a little bit of tucked away inside them. Everyone needs a party song!

We love it when people either post lyrics from our songs online or have them written on their bags or whatever. It’s so awesome to see that something we wrote in our bedrooms about something completely separate has some small impact on somebody and they’ve found a way to relate to our music and share in what we love doing.

Standout tracks:

Worst Case Scenario: I’m making friends by accident; in broken cars and ambulance’s is taken from the opening track of the E.P which tells a story of finding friends and tackling relationships in often difficult circumstance and context.

Tactics: This song is about wanting to escape from where we live and explore the world; everyone gets bored of being stuck in the same place for too long, seeing the same faces everyday and following in the same mind numbing routine. This song is about leaving all that behind and finding out who you really are.


Napalmed (Czech Rep)

‘Support the small and independent’ is inscribed on the cover of the English band The Startover’s new CD and i’d agree with that. If you don’t already, then try to think about it. The island’s guitar bands are now beginning to offer the essence of their creation. ‘Worst Case Scenario’ Is enlivened by supporting girls’ singing and fat guitar sounds right from the opening. It could be the Manic Street Preachers. Two guitars are not just decoration, they play off each other well and the Bass and drums are a classic essential. This band also uses three vocals and is not afraid to invite guests (additional guitars, percussion, vocals but also for strings). The charge is apparent not only in Tactics, It is simply a rock song with parts that rather sensitively soften and decorate. Everything is used to benefit the listener, and you must listen to ‘Breathing’s Overrated”. When they follow this classic with ‘If You Build It …’ the singer yells out all of his lungs. The mood of the album is slightly pensive, as the world around the boy with the teddy bear in the cover artwork. However the music is filled with endless optimism and joy. This is hard rock, swift music, but you can hear the band enjoy themselves for a while and leave behind everyday woes. -Radek


Dosenmusik (DE)

Emo may be no more with the kids who know but it has influenced this English Pop-Punk Bands output. They sounds so incredibly like a mixture of Taking Back Sunday and Funeral For A Friend that I feel they must be friends. Whether this sound is original today i won’t say but The Startover deliver some very melodic and catchy songs that make the entire duration of this EP fun. -Daniel


Rock Storm

I wrote about this groups CD ep last year which heralded an album and finally it is here. The CD carries six great sounding tracks in 27 minutes in a box folded digi pack. From their previous work The Startover did not flinch an inch, this is melodic Pop Punk Rock, where they work mainly on the melodic singing and vocals. The melodic concept is following in the footsteps of groups such as Feeder, Ash, The Blackout, Attack Attack, The Incas of Fire, We Are The Ocean, Hundred Reasons, Swellers and Sensefield – still based on the main use of guitars in a really melodic and sophisticated way.
This album opens the gates to a wider group of listeners and the melodic matter, commitment, drive and dynamism will bring new promises. Perhaps they will tour here soon.
Yes to all those who like melodic punk in the world I can recommend this band and I cross my fingers for another album and concert events! -Alan Rohan


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