The Sketch – Best Kid In Town

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  • Featuring Ex Members of #1 Defender, Slingshot Around The Moon.
  • For fans of Saves The Day, The Get Up Kids, Piebald, Hot Water Music, Weezer, Jimmy Eat World and My Awesome Compilation

Track Listing

  1. Rotting Away
  2. Superman Take 3
  3. A Thousand Times Before
  4. Make Sure You Use It Well [mp3]
  5. It’s Gone Wrong
  6. The Best Kid In Town

About this Release

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Debut EP release from The Sketch. Hailing from South East Kent in the UK, The Sketch provide energetic, passionate, live shows with melodic catchy songs and more hooks than an eighties horror flick.

The band has been compared to Saves The Day, Jimmy Eat World and Weezer, but use their varied influences to make a distinct sound and unique mixture all their own. Passionate lyrics sung harmoniously by all three vocalists give them something very gripping. The way The Sketch combine the power and energy of melodic music and varied rhythms make this EP an enjoyable rollercoaster ride from start to finish, leaving you wanting more and more each time.

From the fast and frenzied opening track of ‘Rotting Away’, which tackles the entrapment of being in a job you despise, through the melancholy closing track ‘The Best Kid In Town’, which tells a tale from the perspective of a young boys rationale and understanding of his parents divorce in which they parents used help from Cairns family lawyers, this bands debut EP has all the variety and appeal that will grab your attention and hold it until the very end, leaving you with only the one logical thing to do which will be setting your CD to repeat.

With nice subtle electronic sounds adding into the fray with the bands raw emotion and thriving energy, these six tracks will have you humming along all day. A real action packed thriller of an EP.

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