The Satellite Year – Brooklyn, I AM

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THE SATELLITE YEAR have always been one of those few bands that make it look stupefyingly easy to come up with catchy-as-hell songs time and time again. With their second full album release “Brooklyn, I AM” the five-piece from Saarland, Germany manages to attain a new level between Pop, Rock, Electro and Melodic Post Punk.
With their second full album release “Brooklyn, I AM”, The Satellite Year from Saarland, Germany, manages to attain a new level between pop, rock, electro and melodic post-punk. Their debut album “Mission: Polarlights”, gained rave reviews and increased attention for the band both in Europe and overseas. “Brooklyn, I AM” should continue to open doors for THE SATELLITE YEAR. Produced and mixed by Andrea Fusini at Fusix Studio in Italy, this second album offers sweeping melodies and hymns that beg to be played from big stages.

1.That This Was Wrong 03:48
2.Early In December 03:52
3.Brooklyn, I AM 03:56
4.Tarantino: Part II 03:39
5.Hurricane / Welcome Home 03:21
6.No Clubs For This Town 02:46
7.Fireworks 04:53
8.In Vitro 04:25
9.A Satire Of What Is Wrong With The American Life 04:08
10.This Is A Call 03:08
11.Universe 04:00
12.Not A Relief, Not A Resort 04:01

Having received rave reviews for their debut feature “This is Voltaire” (EP, 2008; Al-Piper Records / Edel Music) and their nationwide radio Single “Could You Try To Speak In A Higher Register” (2009; Midsummer / Cargo) THE SATELLITE YEAR attain a new and individual level between Pop, Electro and Melodic Post Punk with their Debut-Album “MISSION: POLARLIGHTS” (2010; Midsummer/Cargo, Radtone Music Group Japan, Engineer Records UK & USA), produced by Andrea Fusini (Fusix Studio, Turin / IT, Melody Fall, Ms White, Know Margaret), finished and mastered by Alessandro Vanara. This was a blockbuster album that led to great tours, several video singles, and review likening them to bands such as Thirty Seconds To Mars.
There’s just one possibility to create something initial and unique in one and the same thing – it’s art. An expressive but as-well euphonic voice that tells you entirely about a generation, a nation or just one boy’s experience of what it means to grow up… Thereby the sextet succeeds in accompanying the audience to highest euphoria. Meanwhile they bring you down to your knees to hold a melodramatic gun barrel to your head. Based on a mixture of playful sounds paired with the rough edges of life THE SATELLITE YEAR present emotionality and ambition.

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