The Nutcutters – Clyde

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  • Third release from this popular Swiss band. Split label release with Sums Records.
  • The Nutcutters tour in Europe constantly and played at the Groezrock Festival in Belgium.
  • For fans of three piece, three chord pop-punk. Hard Ons, Green Day, Alkaline Trio, etc.

Track Listing

  1. Let’s Go
  2. Liar Song
  3. All For You
  4. iBro
  5. Hopeless
  6. Wannabe Poser
  7. Don’t Leave
  8. E.M.O.
  9. What’s On The Radio

About this Release

The Nutcutters (est. 2002) are back with their third album “Clyde” which will turn the punk-rock scene upside down!
An album full with catchy melodies, fast beats, naughty and also thoughtful lyrics and spiced with the unmistakable voice of the Philippine singer Jake. Accompanied by drummer Normen and guitarist Chris, the threesome is about to reach a new level. What makes the new album as diversified as ever is first of all the usage of synthesizer played by drummer Normen. Supporting the great guitar riffs of Chris and humming bass of Jake the electronic influence creates a whole new touch in the old school pop punk sound of The Nutcutters.


Fire Alive

Pop punk played with californian attitude and melodic hardcore is the genre of The Nutcutters and of “Clyde” their third release on Engineer Records. This is a very original and awesome project, formed by Jake from Philippines Chris from Switzerland and Norman, from Germany, united by the love for play this kind of music. Very emo and melodic, on the wave of Blink 182, Against Me! and Hi Standard, “happy music” I would say, fine, regular from start to end. This is definetly not y kind of music but i respect the way, dedication and approach of The Nutcutters: genuine shining guitar riffs and an explosion of harmony. The excellent thing is that this record can connect with everyone, definetly, with me too, though i never listen to this genre. A powerful album with serious rock musicians dedicated to their art. If you’re focused on pop-punk melodic scene with the right touch of emotional hardcore this is the record for you. Good stuff, check it out!



With The Nutcutters Switzerland sends its contribution to the Pop-Punk scene out into the world. They are from Bern and clearly the singer, Jake, is a fan of the young Billie Joe Armstrong. They subject matter is cheerful party stuff mainly, with comments on emo and other scenes. “Clyde” is their third album and the production is cushioned and chart compatible so every song comes with a nice melody around the corner, the lyrics won’t hurt anyone and this is the ideal music for teenager parties. -Daniel


Rock Storm

This group doesn’t fit easily into any state, in fact each band member comes from a different country and even continent. The band formed in 2002 by chance and musical direction has set them in a real pop-punk direction with successful tours already across the U.S. and Europe.
Jake, the singer, has a very interesting timbre, from his homeland of the Philippines, has formed a trio of musicians with Chris from Switzerland and Norman, from Germany, and they play wherever they can.
This is their third album, released on Engineer Records, of melodically oriented pop punk with interesting lyrics. For me the best song is perhaps Wannabe Poser or the emo song. It is tra-la-la poppy emo type stuff but their fans love it and you might too.


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