The Moirai – Bury Yourself

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  • ‘Features 3/4 members of the defunct, yet highly sought after Penfold, and the low end of the crushing December Aeternalis. ‘
  • For fans of: Muse, Sunny Day Real Estate, Christie Front Drive, The Fire Theft, The Gloria Record, Slowdive, Antarctica, Elliott, Appleseed Cast, Explosions In The Sky, Benton Falls, Mineral.

Track Listing

  1. crucifixion as an art form
  2. water is the new fire [mp3]
  3. a terrible secret
  4. last year for halloween i was a ghost
  5. dear alison, i am not a cynic
  6. bury yourself
  7. singing nonsense on the streets of rome
  8. empathy for your enemy/hostile to the helpless

About this Release

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Control. The ebb and flow of music can sometimes get lost without it. It is a breath of fresh air when a band comes along and masterfully creates not just a batch of songs, but a body of music with such control, the listener has a hard time absorbing it in pieces. The Moirai, from northern, NJ, have done just that with their long-player EP entitled “Bury Yourself”. We call it a  long-player EP as it has 8 dynamic tracks, spanning 40-minutes of music both cohesive in tonality and structure, ebbing and flowing, one song into the next. Musically, they will convince you there are many options at listening to music, yet they primarily focus on the listener retaining patience. Music you can expand ideas upon and discuss intellectually, as well as drift effortlessly to, and let rest steadily in the back of your subconscience.

The Moirai’s music can best be described as a monologue. Each one of us, from the strongest to the meekest, has a quiet, internal voice, and with a whisper, it can erode our self-certainty. It speaks in contradictions, intimating that our ideas about ourselves could be wrong. Yet we listen to it. That voice is our collective weakness. But it also makes us human. We respond to it with rage, fear, sadness, depression, love, exhilaration, compassion, and resolve. The Moirai catches us in those contradictions; their songs are snapshots of real people coming to terms with insecurity, tragedy, and extraordinary circumstances. The music is dark, cathartic, sonic, melodic and dynamic.

So open your ears to the music of The Moirai, for these 4 gentleman are on the road to making a distinct first impression. Their live show entrances on musicality alone, only responding greater and greater to the energy in the room. With a band featuring former members of Penfold and December Aeternalis, they will turn some jaded heads their way, but the lasting memories will all be in favor of The Moirai.

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