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  • Touring with Lost On Campus March/April 2011; Playing Midsummer festival 2011 in Halver, Germany.
  • ‘Waiting For Sirens’, debut self titled EP released through Walnut Tree Records.

The first offering from The Lion and the Wolf is an entirely honest and intimate look at the world from a man who clearly connects his heart with his guitar. Alternative folk stylings in the vein of Frank Turner, Kevin Devine and Chuck Ragan.

‘The Lion and the Wolf’ is the musical alias of Southampton based singer / songwriter Thomas George. Fusing together folk ethic, upbeat pop and songs that grab your attention from the first chord that won’t let go until the message is across. An entirely honest account of love, life, feeling lost and being found are just a few of the topics that are touched upon. During each set, the audience experiences a unique take on live music as Thomas prefers to play with no microphone or PA, bringing a more personal feel to each performance. TLATW takes influence from modern day acts such as The Manchester Orchestra, Ben Harper, Brand New, Mikee J Reds, Kevin Devine and Ray Lamontagne whilst cross-referencing more nostalgic artists such as Paul Simon, Nick Drake and Talking Heads. TLATW is an explosive, heartfelt and genuine assault from the simplistic approach of just a voice and a guitar.

  1. The Lion And The Wolf
  2. I, The Warhorse
  3. This Town Needs Heroes
  4. And The Ship Sails On
  5. A Song For The Drunk And Downhearted


Dawn Of The Deaf

Isn’t it great when you’re sent an EP that leaves you wanting to hear more? That’s what I took from listening to The Lion and the Wolf’s wonderfully short but sweet self titled EP, brimming with melodic, acoustic sounds.

Thomas George’s creation is really very lovely. The accompanying music never overshadows the gentle vocal line George provides, full of tales of love and loss, but the backing features a great range of sounds that compliment the stories George tells. The title track is a great example of this, featuring an acoustic guitar, piano, violin and the sounds of an accordion.

Whilst The Lion and the Wolf’s EP is rather beautiful and I love listening to it, there’s nothing particularly striking about the music that would attract a listener if they were just passing through. For many, they will see this as inoffensive background music. To me, Thomas George has created something worth really listening to and becoming absorbed with.

I feel that there is something truly marvellous that The Lion and the Wolf have created here. Thomas George has proved that he is a talented singer/ songwriter by creating something so simple, yet has left me craving more. I really can’t wait to hear more from this brilliant band.

4 out of 5!


Top Hat Magazine (UK)

With a mixture of experimental sound and traditional acoustic guitar bringing this EP together, Thomas George’s musical alias ‘The Lion and the Wolf’ is something I loved from the moment I heard it.

The tracks on the EP are beautifully written, and the lyrics cover topics that everyone can easily relate to, such as love, feeling lost, and life in general.

It’s amazing how full each song sounds with just the simplicity of a voice and guitar.
The title track, ‘The Lion and the Wolf’ is definitely one of my favourites. The lyrics are so beautifully written, and a piano solo in the bridge makes the song seem more delicate overall. ‘I, The Warhorse’ is more upbeat and has a faster tempo, but is still calm and simple.

The song ends with an echo effect on the vocals to, literally, send it out with a message. ‘This Town Needs Heroes’ gives a perfect example of just how talented Thomas George really is – the rawness of his voice gives the tracks a real genuine and authentic feeling. ‘And The Ship Sails On’ is another wonderfully written song touching on the topics of winning battles and survival. This is my favourite track on the EP, as it’s so simple yet carries so much.

The lyrics and music are almost inspirational, and the vocal a-capella section in this song gives me goosebumps. ‘A Song for the Drunk and Downhearted’ is short and sweet, and the perfect way to end an EP like this.

I genuinely really like The Lion and the Wolf. I’ve never before listened to five tracks from an artist and been so intrigued to hear more. The simplicity and rawness show that genuine talented artists don’t need auto-tune and professional mastering on tracks.

I’m definitely excited to hear what else Thomas George has to offer.

For fans of: Brand New, The Manchester Orchestra.
Track to listen to: And The Ship Sails On.




Southampton’s Thomas George is the sole member of The Lion and the Wolf and he comes armed with a guitar and tambourine to create his country / folk / pop sounds about love, loss and life. The man himself says that “The songs I play are self-written, with a pure heart and an honest tongue,” and this certainly comes across in his music.

The self titled EP has that home-recorded charm to it that hugely compliments the folkier tracks such as the opener, ‘A Song for the Drunk and Downhearted’ and the last track ‘And the Ship Sails On’ which contains some beautifully tender lyrics including “and we can sing the songs to help us all move on… every man alive has felt the pain of love”. ‘This Town Needs Heroes’ and especially ‘I, The Warhorse’ are more poppy and upbeat with the tambourine laced ‘The Lion and the Wolf’ completing the name hat trick of band, album and song.

This is a promising start for The Lion and the Wolf and I have a feeling that things will only get better.


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