The Fire Still Burns – The Fire Still Burns

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  1. Good As New [mp3]
  2. My Assault On The World Begins Now

About this Release

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Let us welcome THE FIRE STILL BURNS. TFSB has a very early 90’s melodic punk/hardcore feel in the vein of Dag Nasty, Rise Against, Lifetime, Strike Anywhere, Bad Religion, etc… We have no hesitation in saying this band is as good as the classics. You will too. And why not? Read below for their pedigree, it is quite impressive. Do you remember when shows were fun? Remember the dancing? The finger pointing? The sing-alongs? That’s what TFSB are shooting for. This amazing band consists of former and/or current members of bands such as Lifetime, Ensign, Ex Number Five, Vision and Strength 691. (update: 2006, = members from Nora and Bigwig!) Upon hearing the band’s premiere songs on a Limited-Edition, 7-inch colored vinyl, split-label release between Enginer and Koi Records (texas, usa), you will be singing along and believing in the new punk rock revolution. YES, The Fire Still Burns are ready to carry the torch, hold it high, and make us all believers that the fury and the passion of punk music still runs through the youth of today. Catch these guys live on tour, as they are beginning to hit the pavement and sell you their record personally. They want to put it in your hands. They want to sell it with big guitar chords, emotive vocals, and a wallop of melody. They want to meet you personally and thank you for your contribution to their music. Burning with a sense of urgency, The Fire Still Burns are your new favorite band.

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