The Blackout Argument – Detention

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  • The Blackout Argument’s second release on Engineer, sixth release overall.
  • “Detention” co-released with Redfield Records.

Track Listing

  1. High Treason On Your Own
  2. The Netherworld Of Our Future
  3. Satisfying Angst
  4. Untied Lone Wolves
  5. Absolution For Supermen
  6. Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds
  7. Versus The Northern Wind
  8. Horror Sidings
  9. March With Untrue Gods
  10. Untold Memoirs
  11. Call The Tiny Sister’s Dog
  12. The Swimming Dead
  13. Overweight Against Heartattacks
  14. At Daggers Drawn With Life

About this Release

Consideration. Focus. Deceleration. Pretty rare qualities in a time when the music industry serves, eats, chews, swallows and shits out dozens of bands every day. The device is ‘be quick or be dead’. The result is soulless, heartless and meaningless expression of shallow words and music.

The Blackout Argument slowed down in 2010. Not because of a lack of time or motivation but as a consequence of a rational decision. Having reached most of their personal goals and a good dose of ‘common music business goals’ such as various European tours, constant media presence, positive press feedback and a long list of notable releases, the band more and more zeroed in on the true crux of playing in a band: music itself and its creation. Focusing on the quality and heart in everything they do, this shift in The Blackout Arguement’s self-concept and vision lead to the native but also longsome birth of their new album ‘Detention’.

Infact the creative process of ‘Detention’ started in June 2009 already, when the first five songs were written and demo’ed. Since then The Blackout Argument have worked constantly on both, the album and the band itself. They wrote and recorded more than 20 songs, reworked them and let them mature in a constant cycle and finally tracked them at Suiseidl Studios (Munich, Germany) with highest care and consideration. Subsequently this creation was narrowed down to a selection of 14 harmonizing songs which in the end made up ‘Detention’, to be released in January 2011.

The Blackout Argument pride themselves over their effort to self-produce ‘Detention’, an approach that played another key role in (re-)coining the band. ‘Detention’ is challenging and manifold yet extremely catchy and engaging. It creates a very sanguine mix of heavy rock and forward-thinking hardcore. It became nothing less than the album the band always wanted to create:

‘After more than a year of hard work and creative strain we’re now done with recording and mixing the album. Of course it’s impossible to have an objective view on your own work of art but after taking into consideration the opinions of some honest and ‘no-bullshit’-friends of ours we can claim that ‘Detention’ is, without any doubt, by far the best album we ever recorded. ‘Slowing down’ and ‘focusing on the essential’, both as individuals and musicians, really paid off for us in the end. The album is full of power and lovely detail, especially on its melodic side, which is quite predominant this time. We feel strongly connected to every song on ‘Detention’ and can’t wait to share it with all of YOU.’

Embedded in this emotional and strategic agitation the move to a new label just came naturally. Sharing equal ideas, motivation and focus, Redfield Records were the perfect match and thus became the new home for The Blackout Argument.

This band is ready and excited to show off once more the great gap between them and all those short-lived, lukewarm and heartless bands. Bolstered by the songs of their upcoming album ‘Detention’ and sharp set for any stage on this planet, The Blackout Argument continue to build their reputation as a powerhouse of passion and authenticity.


Fire Alive

“Detention” (2011, Redfield/Engineer Records) is a masterpiece of modern alternative hardcore inked of melodic stuff, growls, screams, punk roots and granitic metallic guitars: they’re on this record more intense and naturally mature.

I’m really really enthusiastic and proud of this album, I know them from the first release, I can say I’ve saw TBA growing more and more, the style is always the same on the wave of Evergreen Terrace, Comeback Kid, This is Hell and Boysetsfire, but don’t expect a clone of that. Because TBA have their own trademark as I wrote already for their reviews; this band is the future of alternative hardcore music combined with rude parts, rough vocals and landscapes.

I wouldn’t say that this is posthardcore, this is The Blackout Arugment hardcore and nobody did play it before; these guys have a great chance in their hands to get definitely famous with a grandiose audience. A strong record, a strong band and cool members involved and dedicated to the scene 24 hours a day, really, TBA deserve the best support ever!

In “Detention” you will hear metal, hardcore, rock ‘n roll, indie, punk, in only one piece-modern-original-formula, something really enjoyable. A new star is born, check The Blackout Argument out!

Vote: 10/10


Gestromt (Germany)

Mission: Polar Lights is their debut album but The Satellite Year subtly and skilfully mix the six musicians melodic post-punk-pop melodies with strikes of electronic parts, to arise from beautiful and emotionally charged anthems that get stuck in the ear of the listener.
Comparisons to Angels & Airwaves or New Found Glory could be made, but are obsolete! For THE SATELLITE YEAR has its very own sound.
One song from teh album appears in the new movie ‘Til Schweiger’, into which fits so perfectly and beautifully. The band manages to make an enormous complexity of euphoria and melancholy. The tracks can spread a good mood or make you sink into thoughts and memories. This is great cinema!
You will sooner or later be hearing this band, whether it be through the movie or not…


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