That Very Time I Saw – Observing Life Through Rose Coloured Glass

Album cover


  • For fans of Texas Is The Reason, Grade, Thursday, The Casket Lottery, Pale, Reno Kid, Hillside, Penfold, Mineral, Christie Front Drive.
  • Extensive European touring, 2nd UK summer tour planned.
  • New version of “Observing Life through Rose Coloured Glass” with new artwork.
  • Exclusive track featured on Engineer compilation “Firework Anatomy”.

Track Listing

  1. Observing Life Through Rose Coloured Glass
  2. Something Here Went Wrong
  3. Don Quixote
  4. Seasonticket
  5. Right Out of Time
  6. Please Excuse
  7. Two, As Thick As Thieves

About this Release

The European hardcore scene has produced an onslaught of incredible hardcore bands and in recent years the rate of quality seems to have tripled, fast catching the eye of the world-wide alternative scene by storm and boasting WATERDOWN, PALE and RENO KID among it’s ranks.

Whether in the more emotive or intense side of post-hardcore there would seem to be an undeniable surge of awesome bands that sound exciting without losing any integrity despite resurrecting a sound that has been around for years. In fact with some you could argue they”re taking things to another level.

‘that Very Time I Saw” from Germany, perhaps the most active country from the aforementioned territory are exactly one of these bands, passionately expressing their incredible emotive hardcore that could just play an important part in redefining an integral aspect of the underground alternative scene. The beauty of this band is their accessibility and instantaneous appeal.

Whether moved by indie-rock or more powerful hardcore TVTIS have landed themselves with a sound that slots perfectly in the middle of emo and hardcore like a missing part of a puzzle that should appeal to all. With songs like ‘seasonticket” and ‘two, As Thick As Thieves” being the instant attractions on this 7 track CD, similarities to big sounding emo bands like TEXAS IS THE REASON and GRADE can easily be drawn, with ringing, powerhouse guitars and drawn out, powerful beats.

Overall TVTIS experiment in the main with what soon becomes a familiar method of layering bright sounding guitar harmonies over simplified beats building to crashing choruses in a beautiful but powerful way that brings elements of CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE or MINERAL to mind.

The vocals are perfectly fitting to each song, usually following a similar pattern to the building song-structure but sometimes treating the listener to a contrast to the melancholic verse with up front screaming before launching into another soaring chorus, “Don Quixote” being the best example of this. Whatever side of the band you find more appealing this is unarguably the epitome of how you can successfully write songs from the heart and realise that if the songs are good enough there is little need for added complexities. Only power, melody and passion are required to do this and if you”ve got it why not flaunt it!

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