Thanks For All The Shoes – Celebrating Falsity

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  • ‘Debut full-length album on Engineer. (Follow up to their EP: ‘Reaction Starts From Consciousness’)’
  • For fans of Red Car Burns, Strike Anywhere, Lagwagon, NoFX, Dag Nasty, Propagandhi, Blake, Good Riddance

Track Listing

  1. This Is How We Use To Prepare You For The Storm
  2. Face The Facts
  3. Merciless
  4. Celebrating Falsity
  5. Faith Of The Faithless
  6. Home Is Where Bombs Rain
  7. I Saw
  8. Death As Business
  9. My Devil Is My Dad
  10. Taste The Hell
  11. Better Than Hollywood

About this Release

With such a clear tribute to NOFX, Thanx 4 All The Shoes do a superb service to their namesakes. Yet, T4ATS are no tribute act and Celebrating Falsity is certainly not a carbon-copy of their influencers work but a modern retake on the late 90s hardcore and punk scenes.

Fast and furious throughout with eleven songs clocking in at 34 minutes, this is an out and out declaration of
punk in our own turbulent times. Punching together political rhetoric on “Face The Facts” and “Home Is Where The Bombs Rain”, with a personal struggle to the record on “My Devil Is My Dad”, Celebrating Falsity is
T4ATS reaction to our world and their place in it.

Yet this is anything but a downbeat record. It may certainly seem heavy in theme but that is reflected so power-fully in the brutality of the guitars and scratching vocals that more depth is brought out on each and every listen. Pummelling riffs and that edge onto thrash set T4AS up there with the likes of Good Riddance and Propaghandi.


A short fanzine about rocking

THANX4ALLTHESHOES – ‘Celebrating Falsity’ (Engineer) Reviewed by JOHN A.

Another European skate punk album through Engineer, this time from the almost (weird spelling mistake aside) wonderfully named Thanx4alltheshoes. Already taking some interest from being named after my favourite NOFX album, these Italians launch into 11 tracks of riffy skate punk action which is sure to become a favourite of those into very fast double timed skate punk goodness. It seems that Italy is a bit of a hot bed for good skate punk at the moment, and those into bands like IVS, Cigar and Rebuke (!) should definitely check these guys out. Frenetically fast good stuff!



Engineer Records bring us the debut album of Thanx 4 all The Shoes (name that recall very very much the title of a Nofx album) Since the intro it’s easy to see that we are going to face some technical melodic hardcore, made of stop and go, speed and melody and the second song confirms right away the first impression.
The band propose a mix the will like to fans of Propagandhi, No use for a name, Good Riddance and Rise against: very strong hardcore but without boredom at all, melody at high levels and instruments that know well what they have to do to rock, both in arrangement and pure technic, besides the old and well known riffs of this style. The only note that I didn’t liked is the vocals, in places a bit out of strike: maybe this is also dictated by the particular vocal timber of the singer (that remember me an old band called Passenger 4). the triple shoot: “faith of the faithless”, “home is where bombs rain” & “I Saw”, place the band into the heaven of modern hardcore, in my opinion this is already enough to buy this awesome CD, alternate between melody and and furious transfers where around the corner there is always something that catch attenction (compliments to all the members but especially to the drummer, a real fury).
“Death as business” and “My devil Is My Dad” plain in their own complexity and really powerful, bring the listener to the last two songs that in my opinion, with the triple shoot that I described before, are the real flagship of this charming and great album.
This is an album that you must listen and listen again, waiting for some brand new material with a more calibrated use of vocals.



Italy has always had fluctuations in creativity and in its groups since the 70s in the Hardcore / Punk style. Very good and well-known groups were around in 1994 – 1998, then a slight depression but now the gates are open again. Another core band, which is a masterful combination of Hardcore, Thrash and Punk are the young Thanks For All The Shoes. Celebrating Falsity their second album issued by the label Engineer Records in the UK. The first work published in 2008 in the form of a demo EP and after two years of its existence. The band have now been going strong for four years.
The album contains 11 tracks in 34:53 minutes in duration, very well recorded and well played.

Thanks For All The Shoes is based melodically from a Hardcore mix of thrash metal Punk-oriented, so a lot of riffs, lots of feedback, very melodic singing with throaty emotional screams. Slurping machine-gun drums and guitar all played at their own expense. If to be compared to anyone it would be the well-known groups like Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, Belvedere, and newer shredders like Waiting 4 Better Days and IVS. The band don’t sound like these bands, but feel like them, they play their music their way.



An excellent debut for those guys from Reggio Emilia, inspired by the best melodic hardcore albums released in the last 5 or 6 years, a fresh proposal full of energy.
Listening to the eleven tracks that constitute “Celebrating Falsity” your mind flies immediately to Red Cars Burn, Strike Anywhere and Propagandhi but in the meantime you can sense their will of withdrawing themselves from more foregone cliché and following their own road. It is mainly the drums that offer the most original arrangement in a context conditional on the effective melodic line of “Face The Facts” and “Merciless”. Also afterward there are some surprises, concerning on “Death As Business” & “Better Than Hollywood”, but is the general compactness of the songs is what strikes the most in a period when profound releases are running out.

The quality of the recordings is good but next target has to be a production and mixing at a higher level.


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