Take Cover – The Dreamer and the Realist

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  • Toured the U.S. countless time and soon to be hitting the U.K.
  • Music video shot and being prepared for a national TV push.
  • Adverts in major magazines plus online promotions.
  • Fans of Jimmy Eat World, Acceptance, Taking Back Sunday, Days Away, As Tall As Lions

Track Listing

  1. Declaration
  2. Run Away
  3. Back Pedal
  4. Everything You Do
  5. When This Is Over
  6. Don’t Look Down
  7. Reintroduce Myself
  8. Don’t Say You Love Me
  9. Running in the Wrong Direction
  10. Wake Up

About this Release

Take Cover’s first full-length release is a real stand-out amongst a sea of new pop-punk bands. ‘The Dreamer and The Realist’, the name taken from an Acceptance song, starts with a ‘Declaration’ and continues right the way though in a way that will hold you like no other band you’ve heard yet this year. There are touches of New Found Glory or Fall Out Boy, maybe due to the fact that the album was produced by Jordan Schmidt (All Time Low, Motion City Soundtrack), so it’s equally ready for radio or your ipod, but these guys rock in their own way. Most listeners will be tapping their foot after the first verse, and the lyricism from lead vocalist Ryan Wickard comes in the form of a promise – a promise of hard work and survival. As such, ‘The Dreamer and The Realist’ essentially plays out as an anthem for DIY bands everywhere, but this album should take this band much further than that.

The album “The Dreamer and The Realist” is an all encompassing concept record dealing with the endless choices in life and the path that everyone must choose. Be it love, dreams or passions; one must strike a balance between following what they believe in and the harsh realities of everyday life. The songs are a reflection on pursuing a musical career instead of slapping on a suit and tie and grinding out a 9-5 job that one hates just to work towards buying fancy things we don’t need. Its a reflection on being true to oneself and fighting the pressures of flimsy social norms and people who are superficial and fake. However, its not all together jaded and bleak. These songs also call on people to “wake up” and become self aware; understand that you always have a choice and it takes the support of those around you to lift each other up and find out what it means to be a “Dreamer”, and what it takes to be a “Realist”.
Anyone who is asking themselves these questions in life will be fans of this record.



In ‘The Dreamer & The Realist’, Take Cover have produced a strong, loud, fast and catchy, quality album. With three independent EP’s to their name this Minneapolis band have released their début album on the UK based Engineer records. Very clever lyrics over catchy pop rock tunes, show that these talented musicians are certainly ones to watch for in the future.

The first song on the album, ‘Declaration’, is a powerful opener and gives us the perfect idea of who ‘Take Cover’ are, and what their music is all about. The lonely guitar intro is soon joined by the rest of the band to the shouts of ‘Right Now’. This song is Take Cover’s battle cry to other struggling bands to not give up the fight and to always be as good as they can be. “This is our blood, sweat and tears flooding the airways”. Pounding drums and thrashing guitars over a powerful, melodic song. Take Cover have declared their intention. A great opening track.

‘Run Away’ is a more medium paced song than the opener. A love song, but not a ballad. A beautifully written song that finds you nodding your head and singing along to the chorus on the first listen. The harmonies and backing vocals are used really well here. I can see this becoming a single off the album, if not, it should be!

Track three; ‘Back Pedal’ is a real sing-along, huge chorus, thumping drums, guitar riff of a song. It also contains the lyric ‘God only knows why all the things I love keep me up til 3am. All the poison I put in my blood is messing with my head’ , which if you’re anything like me, you have said to yourself on many occasion!

‘Everything You Do’ is a very MTV audience friendly pop song. From the catchy lyrics to the hand-clapping breaks. With the word ‘bullshit’ shouted out in the song it will appeal to the younger, sniggering audience! For me, it’s the weakest song on the album.

The fifth track, ‘Don’t Look Down’ starts off with an almost reggae style guitar riff. This reoccurs throughout the song’s verses and is a nice touch. The changes in pace along with the skilful song-writing shows that Take Cover are more than just a bunch of kids who picked up instruments. They can actually play!

‘When This Is Over’ starts with a lovely little acoustic guitar and piano intro before the band kicks in. The guitar has a starring role, the drums are a constant beat, and the bass line shines through, but it’s the vocals which impress on this track.

‘Reintroduce Myself’ is all about destiny. Thinking you’ll never see someone again and might’ve missed your chance. The lyrics stand out in this song and it’s one of the strongest on the album, with yet another catchy, danceable, chorus.

‘Don’t Say You Love Me’ is slightly less in-your-face than previous songs, but still kicks you up the butt in the chorus.

Track nine, ‘Running In The Wrong Direction’ is another expertly crafted song. Straightforward guitar work, augmented by large background vocals and a steady drum beat that gives this song a simple, yet intricate feeling.

The final song on the album is ‘Wake Up’. A dreamy, soft sound musically, that enhances the empowering lyrics: “Take a good hard look in the mirror. If you find that you don’t like what you see, remember who you used to be. Wake up, stand up and show ‘em what you’re made of. When the day comes, you’ll find there’s nothing you’re afraid of.” It is a beautiful way to close an impressive debut album.


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