Standbye – From The Family Tree, Vol. 1

Album cover


  • ‘Features current members of (Damn) This Desert Air and past members of Elemae, Instruction, Errortype: 11 and High Speed Chase as well as current producer/engineer of Upstart Recording Studios and past Quicksand tour manager.’
  • ‘Musically, just as fresh today as it was in 1998. Four driving post-hardcore-rock songs, remastered by John Seymour in 2006. Re-designed ‘limited edition’ layout/packaging. ‘
  • For Fans Of: Sense Field, Seaweed, Samiam, Quicksand, Foo Fighters, Jawbox, Shift, Man Will Surrender, Seam

Track Listing

  1. Exposed [mp3]
  2. On The Verge
  3. Flashlight
  4. Waiting To Breathe

About this Release

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This Engineer Records “From the Family Tree” CD, features a band who shares alumni status within the Engineer Records roster. More may come of this series, stay tuned!

For our first release, we bring you STANDBYE. A melodic post-hardcore band circa 1998, which spent time gigging with such bands as Six Going on Seven, Gameface, As Friends Rust, Camber, Baby Gopal, Joshua, American Standard and more. A solid 4-track demo EP was produced and a strong relationship with the scene around them was being built rather rapidly, until the band’s premature demise.

This re-released EP boasts 3 past members of Engineer band Elemae, Chris Homentosky, Mark Cooper and Craig Cirinelli. Aside from this tidbit, STANDBYE’s drummer Ti Kreck toured much of the USA and UK a couple times over including Reading, Leeds & Download Festivals in the now defunctInstruction (Geffen) while holding the final drum throne position in the late Errortype: 11 directly prior to. He currently resides in (Damn) This Desert Air with STANDBYE’s singer, Craig Cirinelli. Last notable branch from this ever growing tree, is Chris Gibson who retained tour manager status of 90’s melodic-hardcore powerhouse Quicksand and currently resides producing and engineer bands at his own Upstart Recording Studios in Hoboken, NJ.

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