Squarewell – Two Toy Model

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  • Produced by John Naclerio (MATCHBOOK ROMANCE)
  • ‘On tour in Europe in April 05 with Lo PAR FORCE’
  • More than 1 million hits on their homepage so far

Track Listing

  1. A Recommended Memoir
  2. Elementary
  3. Chapter And Fiction
  4. Inanimate
  5. Realizing What You Meant After All this Time
  6. One Collective Body
  7. Lift Yourself
  8. Animism
  9. Undercover
  10. Hopefulls
  11. A Heart Still Honored

About this Release 

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Louisville, Kentucky. A city in the United States of America with a strong alternative music scene that brought you labels like Slamdek or Initial Records. Home of groundbreaking bands like ENDPOINT, ELLIOTT, CHRISTIANSEN or BOYSETSFIRE. All these bands changed the face of indierock/post-hardcore forever.

It’s not surprising at all, that SQUAREWELL originated in this active and vivid underground scene. The band was found in 2002 with the aim to create a sound that was clearly filled by the spirit of their hometown scene but still retains a great amount of individuality, without being afraid of modern influences.

SQUAREWELL fuse melodic indierock -no frills punk- and emotional hardcore to a turbulent and energetic musical experience. Passionate vocals get mixed with a tight rhythm section, with melodic but still powerful guitar works and complex song writing.

After playing at every venue within reach in the eastern U.S., SQUAREWELL consistently increased their fan base and very quickly their self-titled EP was sold out. Shows and tours with such outstanding acts like GLASSEATER, CHRISTIANSEN or SPITALFIELD followed.

In early 2004 SQUAREWELL entered the Nada Studios in New York to record their debut album “two toy model” with producer John Naclerio (MATCHBOOK ROMANCE). Their upcoming record will contain eleven great and driving tracks that proof, that a band can stick to its roots but nevertheless tears down musical boundaries.

We promise- you haven’t heard such a touching, emotional and yet powerful independent album since ELLIOTT’s “u.s. songs”, THURSDAY’s “full collapse” or BOYSETSFIRE’s “the day the sun went out”.

You will understand what we mean when you hear their amazing release on Millipede Records. They sound awesome on record, but seeing them playing live with their energetic and vibrant performances you will really appreciate their music.You will hopefully be able to check that out yourself since they are planning a European tour in April 2005 with the German indierock heroes.

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