Squarewell – self-titled

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  • For fans of Fugazi, MeWithoutYou, Rye Coalition, Q and not U, The Blood Brothers.
  • ‘European Tour Spring 2006
  • East Coast and Midwest tour of USA this Fall/Winter 2006.’
  • ‘Released two previous recordings, a full length entitled “Two Toy Model” on Millipede Records/Shrodinger in 2004, as well as a Limited Vinyl Picture Disc on Koi Records/Engineer Records this past winter 2005/2006.’
  • ‘ EP Recorded at the infamous Black Lodge Recording in Kansas, USA. (Get Up Kids, Appleseed Cast, Limbeck)’

Track Listing

  1. Disappearing Act
  2. Did We Have a Choice?
  3. We’re Only Lost At Sea
  4. It’s Fall, But Nothing Has Changed

About this Release

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Often described as, “The creation of a sound not too far from the hips of the Dischord catalog. Hugging a unique and raw sound that came out of an era of punk music that most would agree defines independent music of today. Squarewell has achieved a lot in their existence. Spanning from 2003 to the present they have seen the covers of several compilation albums, including a Dischord Records Tribute comp, a full length record with Millipede Records from Germany, a self-released EP, a 7″ through Engineer and Koi Records and a handful of single song records. This self titled release is the pinnacle of their achievement and growth as a band. The turning point for a new view and the beginning of what will become a legacy.”

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