Squarewell – Ltd Coloured Vinyl

Album cover


  • 1st pressing is a handnumbered lot of 500 thick-vinyl Picture Discs!
  • Two NEW tracks to fill the void before their next full-length.
  • Split-label release between Engineer and Koi Records.
  • Edgier sound for fans of Glassjaw, My Chemical Romance, Finch, etc…
  • Touring all the time, everywhere, get your hands on them!

Track Listing

  1. Synthetic Sensations [mp3]
  2. Fleeting Strategem

About this Release

The need to create is always a powerful thing. In the case of Squarewell, it has driven five people to strive for music that not only catches the ear, but catches the emotions and the sense of self as well. This steadfast desire to keep their sound as alive and as instinctive as that aspect of human nature that longs for music is what has kept the band complete. Squarewell is a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, where what is felt is just as important as what is heard.

The two new est tracks Squarewell have released to the world, come via a Limited Edition Vinyl Picture Disc, as a split-label release between Engineer and Koi Records. Thes tracks show a tremendous growth and shift in sound for the band, and there’s no stopping them in pushing the boundaries of dynamic indie rock. Albeit, grooving, tripping out, shredding or just plain rocking out, Squarewell does all styles justice. Contrasting their last CD, which Engineer licensed over a year ago (we jumped at helping out such a great band, yes, that we found via demo solicitation! wow!) the two tracks on this record show a bit more of an abrasive, angsty turn for the band. We might namecheck Glassjaw or My Chemical Romance in the grand scheme of things, but it is really unneeded.

Squarewell know how to write an irresistable hook, that’ll rip the heart out of your chest and place it firmly in your hand. The vocals are sung, spoke, and shouted, but all melodic, and not in the overdone way. Long story short, get this before the 500 Limited Press run of this Picture Disc is fetching for 10 times the amount on Ebay.

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