Squarewell and Fugo – Entremets D’Hier

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  • ”’For fans of Q and not U, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Fugazi, The Cure, MeWithoutYou, Rye Coalition, Refused, Lard, Soul Coughing, Standstill’
  • ”’Also available from Squarewell: “Two Toy Model” on Millipede/Engineer/Shrodinger Records in 2004
  • ” Limited Vinyl Picture Disc on Koi/Engineer Records in 2005
  • ” “Self-Titled” EP on Engineer/Shrodinger Records in 2006′
  • ‘Also available from Fugo: “Demo” on Fischlaich im Teich Records in 2004
  • Sampler Finest Noise Vol. 14 on BluNoise Records in 2004
  • ” “Aie” on Engineer Records UK/USA in 2005′
  • Squarewell songs recorded at Black Lodge Recording in Kansas, USA. (Get Up Kids, Appleseed Cast, Spitalfield, Coalesce)
  • ”’Fugo songs partially recorded, fully mixed and mastered at somarecords.ch (Nordstan, Pub La Bomba, Leech and Stronzos). Remix of P.) “P.) Crowded Remix”  all original track from “Aie” – by Daniel Platisa from q-lab.ch’

Track Listing

  1. Squarewell – Did We Have a Choice?
  2. Squarewell – Pacing a Perimiter
  3. Squarewell – It’s Fall, But Nothing Has Changed
  4. Squarewell – Fleeting Strategem
  5. Squarewell – Synthetic Sensations [mp3]
  6. Fugo – C.)
  7. Fugo – M.) [mp3]
  8. Fugo – P.) Crowded Remix
  9. Fugo – F.)

About this Release 

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When one ponders the meaning of the word synthesis, you may think of the combination of certain elements, the creation of one whole from separate entities. This album “Entrements D’Hier” is synthesis. As described, this album is the combination of separate creations from both Squarewell and Fugo. Spanning the globe from Louisville, Kentucky USA, to Aarau, Switzerland the past (Fugo) and present creations (Squarewell) of the artists are all collected on this release to form one CD that describes musically what it means to create. With several releases in the pockets of each artist, this synthesis of music takes released, unreleased and brand new material from each and places them together. In realistic terms, a split CD is not the best calling for the combination of music between these two artists. They compliment each other’s uniqueness too much to do so.

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