Speedwell – My Life Is A Series Of Vacations

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  • For fans of The Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, The Promise Ring, Cross My Heart, Pop Unknown, Brandtson, Benton Falls, Cap n Jazz, The Anniversary, The Oliver Twist and Weezer.
  • 4 amazing previously unreleased tracks.
  • Featured track “Pacifique”on Deep Elm’s Emo Diaries 3.
  • Exclusive track “Oceans and Armlengths” featured on Engineer compilation “Firework Anatomy”.
  • Solo cover from lead singer Meredith Bragg featured on Engineer ‘shudder To Think” tribute compilation.

Track Listing

  1. Calling On Columbia Pike
  2. This Is Us
  3. Two Conquests
  4. Your Atlantic

About this Release

This is about as accessible as you can get when it comes to alternative, melodic pop rock. SPEEDWELL are a 4 piece that are able to create modern, catchy music with every song they write, their secret being originality and variation. On the whole, their sound is very much in a pop-edged vein similar to THE GET UP KIDS or THE PROMISE RING but in addition to the quirky style of those bands they have a melancholic, serious side reminiscent of CROSS MY HEART and POP UNKNOWN.

On the opener they kick things off with a REGGIE & THE FULL EFFECT “childlike” keyboard intro before the song breaks out into an upbeat indie-rocker that never lets up from it’s insanely catchy rhythm. The BENTON FALLS-esque half of their dual vocalists takes the stand here. Next up is ‘this Is Us” that starts with an experimental, jazzy ‘tHE OLIVER TWIST” style intro before settling into a more drawn out emotional journey, moving through their familiar, nostalgic, evocative harmonies with heavier sparser drum lines. This track is sung beautifully by their other vocalist who has a perfectly contrasting soft yet edgy voice that brings BRANDTSON to mind.

The next is a delicate acoustic track with a more discordant, stripped down, dreamy feel, that acts as a fitting mellow interlude, again with an extraordinary use of layered vocal and guitar harmonies. To end proceedings is “Your Atlantic”, a superb mid paced, addictive gem, displaying the band’s rocky, emo slant, offering an ironic, sarcastic tale of not being able to understand someone really close to you.

These guys are reaching out for a resounding sense of empathy on the subject of life and love. It’s basically all there, reflective, personal lyrics delivered in such a way you can pick any line to relate to and crafted, emotive rock music with an emphasis on sophisticated pop. This is an EP that’s both instant but equally has enough depth to draw you in. This is a record you”ll be going back to.

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