SpeakYourHeart – This Is How We Communicate

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  • For fans of Hopesfall, Taking Back Sunday, Explosions In The Sky, Olympia, The Academy is, Fireworks, Thursday
  • Joe Gibb (Funeral For a Friend, Brigade, Hiding With Girls, Johnny Truant, etc)
  • Available from February 2010 in all good stores, distributed by Shellshock in the UK and Engineer Records partners worldwide. www.EngineerRecords.com

Track Listing

  1. Oh Brother We’re Art Now
  2. This Is the Call
  3. If I Quit Breathing
  4. There Are More Important Things
  5. Understand This Is A Dream – Part 1
  6. Werewolves and Night Skies Are the Reasons I Can’t
  7. Understand This Is A Dream – Part 2
  8. Living Like a Car Crash
  9. In The Scene That Follows an Argument
  10. Can We At Least Try to Remember?
  11. Tell the Men We’re Sinking

About this Release

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Breaking onto the UK music scene with their own refreshing blend of acousticly led melody, sat within an anthemic heaviness any post-hardcore band would be proud to attain, speakyourheart have arrived.
Following the release of widely praised debut mini-album ‘under these lights we are transparent’ SPEAKYOURHEART have returned. With a full length awash with the beautiful melodies and anthemic choruses of before, but now incorporating a series of complex structures and dare we say a more gritty hardcore element than was present on their previous effort.

With bonafide singles in ‘This is the call’, ‘Living like a car crash’ and ‘If I quit breathing’ these guys are sure to turn heads all over the globe. Add to that the fact that every track on ‘This Is How We Communicate’ speaks strongly on it’s own, with no room for ‘filler’, a truly well crafted record that grows with every listen. ‘This is how we communicate’ was recorded at Mighty Atom Studios in South Wales by Joe Gibb (funeral for a friend, brigade, hiding with girls, johnny truant), who also mastered their previous ep release ‘under these lights we are transparent’ too.

It would seem the 2 years spent (between releases) playing shows and attempting to build a strong base of friends and fans has really helped to mature Speakyourheart into a team ready to eclipse their peers if given the chance, and with an album like this they are well on their way. Now SpeakYourHeart will be touring all through 2010, starting in January from the 13th to the 30th across the UK and then hitting Europe later followed by another Engineer UK tour.

Taking the best parts of Emo, Post-hardcore and Pop-punk these frighteningly fresh faced young men have crafted an 11 track album really worth shouting about, with a loyal fanbase that keeps growing from every energetic show, things can only get better.

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