Sound & Shape – The Love Electric

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  • For fans of Pink Floyd, The Mars Volta, Muse, Dredg, Biffy Clyro, Yes, Led Zeppelin, etc…
  • ‘Touring all over USA 2009. Tour history includes 220 shows in 2006
  • 170 shows in 2007
  • 150+ shows in 2008.’
  • ””New video for ‘The Love Electric’ (track 1) currently in production.
  • Guest musicians include Jim Horn (Steely Dan, Frank Sinatra, etc) on Saxophone and Anton Patzner (Bright Eyes, Mates of State) on violin.
  • ””Previous Full-Length ‘Where Machines End Their Lives’ out on Smith7 Records (2006).

Track Listing

  1. The Love Electric [mp3]
  2. The Space Between
  3. And the Clouds Begin to Part
  4. And We Began as Two
  5. The Solitary Journey

About this Release 

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Movement. Forward motion. Evolution. All of these terms describe what Nashville, Tennessee�s Sound&Shape bring to the sonic landscape, an otherwise barren wasteland of overdone, overused and uninspired thoughts and ideas. Sound&Shape is a trio of musicians that just might be the missing piece of the puzzle from Rock Music over the past few years. Their music can be feral and unrelenting at times only to release it�s tension and carry the listener through beautiful and gentle passages, creating a complete musical journey.

Forged through deep friendship and brotherhood, Sound&Shape have a union and symmetry few musicians are lucky enough to obtain. The incomparable, unshakable rhythm section comprised of Jerry Pentecost (drums, percussion, backing vocals) and David C. Somerall (bass, backing vocals), keep their invigorating chaos as controlled as a magnificent ocean. Tumultous at times, yet always returning to it�s natural majesty. Riding atop these musical waves, singer/guitarist Ryan Caudle�s vocal and guitar work flow perfectly between the two. Ryan�s extremely melodious voice soars and dips effortlessly as his guitar playing winds around his bandmates intricate rock orchestrations.

Experiencing Sound&Shape live is a pure extension of the honest, powerful and passionate music they create. With a distinct ability to encompass and entrance the audience, their live show is an immersion into the hearts and souls of the players. With a tipped hat to the blue-collar work ethic, these foot soldiers of Rock and Roll have logged many many miles on the road in support of their debut full length, �Where Machines End Their Lives� (Smithseven Records, 2006). With their signing to Engineer Records and the release of the breathtaking new 5-song EP �The Love Electric� internationally, Sound&Shape plan to mount a campaign of unbridled joy, pure excitement and soul-baring Rock and Roll for many years…and ears to come.

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