Son Of The Mourning – Forest Bank

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  • Recently played with – Converge, Eden Maine, The Secret, Beecher, Number One Son, Jairus, Narcosis, Orca, Aconite Thrill, Nine and Five Knuckle.
  • Previous limited self release sold over 1000 copies.
  • For Fans Of: Poison The Well, Hopesfall, Eden Maine, Skycamefalling, Converge and Boysetsfire. You’ll be blown away!

Track Listing

  1. Forest Bank
  2. Jehru
  3. To Accept on Face Value [mp3]
  4. Knives For Fingers
  5. A Broken Palisade
  6. A Broken Palisade

About this Release

Son Of The Mourning’s last offering ‘The Lambton Road’ EP was a fine mix of melody, muscle and metallic ferocity and I’m pleased to report that ‘Forest Bank’ continues where that disc left off, only with all the elements of their metallic hardcore mix stepping up a notch.

From the schizophrenic onslaught of the title track where a glass in the throat style shriek overlaps into a clean, soaring backing vocal to the peaks and valleys of ‘A Broken Palisade’ where an almost punky, stomping vibe is punctuated brilliantly by a haunting mid song breakdown its evident that SOTM have lifted their game from what was already a fairly lofty place.

Truly a huge, huge breath of fresh air amongst all the Funeral For A Friend-a likes and faux-emotive lighter hardcore bands currently clogging up both the airwaves and the mailbox and reviews section of this very site, ‘Forest Bank’ is a 5 track journey where the word mediocre is never even considered let alone comes into place.

As-well as the aforementioned highlights the EP is also notable for the solemn yet somehow positive feeling closing tones of ‘To Accept on Face Value’ and the menacing stop/start leads of ‘Knives For Fingers’.

Imminently due a release through Engineer records keep an eye out for this EP as it’s one of the best releases so far this year and is a solid showcase of a constantly improving young bands many talents and classy songs. Highly, highly recommended.

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