Sometimes Why – To: All Loose Ends

Album cover


  • Fans of: All, Shift, Milwaukees, Pavers, Firehose, Minuteman, Two Line Filler, Down By Law.
  • Produced and Engineered by Dave Townson
  • Extensive tours of Ontario and Quebec
  • Previous Records include Self Titled EP from 1999 and “Memorandum” from 2000
  • Band now features guitarist/Vocalist Dave Fritz (ex-Trigger, Wact)

Track Listing

  1. Making Strange
  2. Pickle a Brick
  3. Living the Dream
  4. 2k Sidearm
  5. If Statement
  6. Mule
  7. Alpha Male
  8. Driven
  9. Tell Target
  10. One Trick Pony

About this Release

To most, Toronto’s ‘sometimes Why” are strangers to our shores but with the recent addition of Dave Fritz, guitarist and ex-member of Trigger and Wact, a welcome contact has been established between Engineer and this great band. The result is an exciting collaboration brings us the European version of their superb new album ‘to All Loose Ends”.

In fact it’s the band’s third record and considering the quality and originality it promises to gain them serious recognition. The band is made up of talented musicians with an obvious grasp of melodic hardcore and punk.

Not only do they boldly wear this on their sleeve with pride, they are not afraid to experiment further with their knowledge and ideas, enthusing their relentless determination to keep hardcore punk fresh and exciting.

With an underlying sound rooted in the older but sophisticated melodic punk of Descendants, Firehose and Minutemen the end result here displays intelligence, drive and original arrangement. With guitars that move between jazzy angular riffs and driving punk and a rhythm section that All or Big Drill Car would be proud of, your interest is constantly held. Jason Thomson’s vocals are perfect to front this courageous style of punk providing a familiarity to classics like Shift, Two Line Filler and Down By Law.

With confrontational lyrics and aggressive melody he pours out his thoughts whilst drumming at the same time (not that you”d notice!). With weighty, instant tracks like “Making Strange” and “One Trick Pony” and more rhythmic, jazzy efforts like “2k Sidearm” there is enough here to unfold the common blur of a straightforward 11 track punk album.

As the album reaches it’s climax the band get even more experimental, introducing further instruments and defying typical song structures. Building up to a surprising, impressive final track, “Reprize” is a taste of yet another side to the band with it’s rolling groove and a stunning string arrangement, leaving you unsure but excited as to what they could be secretly waiting to unleash in the future.

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