Sometimes Why – Keepsake

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  • For Fans of: Error Type:11, Shift, Superchunk, Firehose, Down By Law, Archers Of Loaf.
  • Extensive tours of Ontario and Quebec.
  • Previous full-length “To: All Loose Ends” released and distributed worldwide by Engineer Records in 2003.

Track Listing

  1. This Is Not Here
  2. Keepsake
  3. Clown Shoes
  4. Bitter Pills
  5. Chasing Scars
  6. One Short Fall
  7. Jump The Shark
  8. As You Were
  9. Well received
  10. Dance

About this Release 

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Let’s face it, we live in a world bred musically on run of the mill, the middle of the road and the bottom of the barrel. But have no fear true music fans, for there is asylum in the form of Toronto, Canada’s SOMETIMES WHY.

New on Engineer Records, SOMETIMES WHY’S latest full-length release “Keepsake,” shows a growth in the band that is quite startling–truth be told, and stands as the bands most progressive, yet refined statement to date. Produced by Doctor’s Rob Higgins, “Keepsake” hits its mark on all levels. From the title track’s mind-trip-verse-meets-soaring-chorus-vibe to the catchy yet offbeat swagger of the video/single “Bitter Pills,” Keepsake gives you something for your head to keep both sonically and lyrically.

In 2001 the band released their first full-length recording “To: All Loose Ends,” and it was re-released by Engineer Records in 2003 after the label took a liking to their friendly alt-rock sound. Through Engineer the band got their music to fans in both the UK and United States.

SOMETIMES WHY’S have been blazing a path in and around Canada for quite sometime now. Catch them live, you’ll see and hear that band is no slouch in the live arena either! Their energy oozes from record to stage.

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