Six Second Hero – Recent History

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  • Debut full release. Self released CDs all sold out.
  • On tour in the UK this summer.
  • For fans of: Farside, Gameface, Hot Water Music, Grade, Poison The Well, Worlds Between Us, Gorilla Biscuits, Lifetime, Lockjaw, Movielife, San Geronimo, etc.

Track Listing

  1. Subtle As A Fucking Bullet
  2. Cairo’s Crimson Centrefold
  3. Inside
  4. Shades In Dark Places
  5. Cavia Porcellus

About this Release 

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People that love to make music make a choice at a certain point in their lives. They can go either of two ways: they can make it a hobby, or they can make it a life. Making a life of it requires a lot of commitment, sacrifice and will to follow what you want. For these five guys from the north of England the choice is made and the path is set.

Six Second Hero’s ‘Recent History’ bristles with jagged post-hardcore guitars and intricate yet danceable bass and drum interplay; all as a backdrop to passionate and sincere dual vocals. With an unparalleled collective drive to play music, it is evident that when five best friends come together you end up with something very special.

Six Second Hero has progressed into an original metal-styled band that has it’s roots firmly planted in the hardcore scene. The combination of melody, texture, speed and technical precision in their music leads to songs that will stick in your head in a way you just don’t expect in a band from this genre.

Whenever you’re ready for a hardcore band that can make you feel good, take a listen to Six Second Hero.

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