Sirens & Shelter – Through The War

Album cover

In early 2013 Scott teamed up with a few of his close friends to produce a full length Sirens & Shelter album titled ‘Through The War’ in which he has played over 12 different instruments and collaborated with the likes of AJ Perdomo; The Dangerous Summer (USA), Paul Richards; One Day Elliott among others creating an album which reviewers are hailing as “A rare masterpiece”. Engineer Records have gone on record as stating, “People need to hear this album to be saved from life…” After sending out promotional copies of the album, both Tanglewood Guitars (UK) and Dovetail Strings (UK) have endorsed Scott and his musical project.

“Sirens & Shelter is one of the most animated, passionate acts I’ve seen on the acoustic scene. He has a unique voice that has an almost tortured thread to it. Within minutes he was bleeding everywhere from his zealous guitar playing and his stage presence during and in-between performance cannot be ignored.” – Sarah Quinn (Gigglepics live review)

Track listing:

  1. Black & Classic White
  2. 90’s Song
  3. Landing Lights (feat AJ Perdomo of The Dangerous Summer)
  4. Four2thefloor
  5. Breathe
  6. Lullabye
  7. Text. Pictures
  8. See You Soon
  9. Something Correct
  10. Through The War

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