San Geronimo – SG

Album cover


  • Features ex members of Lifetime, Jets to Brazil and Drowningman.
  • For fans of Texas Is the Reason, Jimmy Eat World, Samiam, Further Seems Forever, New Found Glory and Saves the Day.
  • Essential “Limited Edition” CDEP of early work
  • Includes “My Friend James”, featured on Firework Anatomy Compilation

Track Listing

  1. Here I Go Ohio
  2. If I Had a Shovel
  3. My Friend James
  4. Face Like a Janitor
  5. I’m Gonna Be Famous

About this Release

San Geronimo have suddenly appeared and delivered something unexpected and really special. They have gone way beyond any expectations considering some of the member’s previous pedigree and instead delighted and impressed anyone eager to hear their style. As with the amazing bands these guys have previously played in they”ve mastered a sound that encompasses all the elements of hardcore that make it exciting but managed to discover an even catchier sound. There is no doubt this is down to an outstanding song writing ability. This is perfectly displayed on this 5 track EP of some of their best early material.

There is an incredible raw energy that flows between each song and you know after one listen they are onto a good thing. There is so much appeal across the board, whether you”re looking for your next favourite melodic hardcore band like TEXAS IS THE REASON or FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER or you love powerful emo pop like JIMMY EAT WORLD or SAVES THE DAY you”re going to be blown away with this record. San Geronimo are the ideal representation of how to play accessible memorable songs but still keep things on fire through playing with amazing emotive conviction. This is a band you”re going to be hearing a lot about so hurry and get a copy of this awesome treasure of their early stuff before it’s too late – this one’s limited!!

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