Saboteur / MockingbirdNightmare / RedLightGreenLight – split

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  • ””’3-way split featuring strong roster of seasoned players. Saboteur consists of members of Red Animal War and Slowride (Deep Elm/End Sounds)
  • Red Light Green Light consists of ex-Hidden In Plain View (Drive-Thru) member, Derek Reilly.’
  • ””’Also available from Saboteur: “Saboteur” CD on the End Sounds label from Texas. Also available from Red Light Green Light: “Music Theory Is For Suckers” full-length CD in 2006.’
  • Digipak release with Enhanced multimedia (Quicktime) from all three bands.
  • Both Saboteur and Red Light Green Light are active touring bands, touring in support of this release.

Track Listing

  1. Saboteur – This Is A Bike Crime [mp3]
  2. Saboteur – Bitchin’ Into Oblivion
  3. Saboteur – The Working Class Will Kick Your Ass
  4. The Mockingbird Nightmare – You Can Keep All The Prizes and Give Them To Chari
  5. The Mockingbird Nightmare – Show Me All The Blueprints
  6. The Mockingbird Nightmare – Eleven Eleven
  7. Red Light Green Light – Dance Party At Ferro Monte (Intro)
  8. Red Light Green Light – Cliche College Whit, More Or Less
  9. Red Light Green Light – Straight On Till Normal [mp3]
  10. Red Light Green Light – B is for Breakdown

About this Release

Buy on Mockingbird Nightmare, Red Light Green Light & Saboteur - Saboteur / Mockingbird Nightmare / Red Light Green Light - EP

With three bands spanning multiple facets of indie rock’s more angular
landscape, ‘post-everything’ comes to mind. On this 3-way split featuring
Saboteur, The Mockingbird Nightmare and Red Light Green Light, each band
compliments each other’s musical differences in a fashion that would set the
stage for a diverse yet focused gig at your favorite sweaty rock club, or
better yet, legion hall/VFW. This is the sound of three underground bands
brimming with an exuberance and a ferocity only tamed by their intelligent

Dallas, Texas’ Saboteur comes out of the gate with three blistering tracks
of witty, airtight, post-punk anthems, reminiscent of the almighty Jawbox or
Soulside, that you’ll be sure they were raised on the blueprint of the
Dischord Records roster. What sets Saboteur apart is their contagious
melodies underlining each song with hooks as large as their Marshall boosted
riffs. Containing the best elements of their past bands, Saboteur features
both alumni and a tunefulness of a hearty Dallas music scene, more directly,
Red Animal War, Slowride and The Numbers Twist from which they hail. A
background as solid as that needs little introduction.

Kent, England’s The Mockingbird Nightmare offer up their first proper
installment of songs after only a 2-song demo caught our ear here at
Engineer. Three brand new tracks injected with no brevity in technicality
and head spinning structure, which combat a sharp tongued vocal and lyrical
prowess. The Mockingbird Nightmare’s music can be described as just that:
a combat; a war from within, unleashed on anyone who’ll listen. Sure to
turn the heads of fans of At The Drive-In, Planes Mistaken For Stars,
Yourcodenameis:milo and These Arms are Snakes, The Mockingbird Nightmare
offer up a more effect-laden listen than the aforementioned making use of
pedal-swells, cascading chord shifts and a generous supply of effects that
will leave you with substance to dwell upon.

“Fuck the fashion, bring back the passion,” proclaim Rockaway, NJ’s Red
Light Green Light blurring the lines of Refused and The Beastie Boys and
doing it with an unmatchable intensity. These 5 guys have hit the pavement
hard since their inception and played nearly every D.I.Y venue in their
tri-state area many times over. They have recently booked a Canadian/East
Coast tour, and a UK jaunt is pending. The power of the internet has been
tremendous to RLGL, garnering over 180,000 MySpace hits without even a
properly distributed release. As these guys take their brand of
pop-infused “hip-hop hardcore” to the masses, it’s only a matter of time
before Red Light Green Light are on everyone’s lips.

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