Rydell, San Geronimo, A Rocket Sent To – Split

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  • For fans of Jimmy Eat World, Texas Is The Reason, Samiam, Joshua, The Casket lottery, The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring, Saves The Day.
  • San Geronimo – Ex-Lifetime, Drowningman, Jets To Brazil.
  • A Rocket To You – Ex-Epstein, recent full length on Silver Leaf Records.
  • Rydell, releases on Headhunter, releases with Hot Water Music and Hunter Gatherer, recent tour with Piebald.
  • All bands featured on Engineer compilation “Firework Anatomy”

Track Listing

  1. Rydell – Nothing By Morning
  2. Rydell – Margin Forever
  3. Rydell – The Plot Is Lost
  4. San Geronimo – Better If You Didn’t
  5. San Geronimo – Rolling Blackouts
  6. San Geronimo – Stars And Anchors
  7. A Rocket Sent To You – One Thousand Points Of Light
  8. A Rocket Sent To You – Silencer
  9. A Rocket Sent To You – The Law Of Entropy
  10. A Rocket Sent To You – The Dead Sea

About this Release

When it comes to discovering quality emo rock, each of the bands on this split release more than suffice but to find three altogether on the same CD is quite something.

Getting things started are England’s RYDELL who offer up three of their best ever songs, straight away delivering the rock with two upbeat tracks. Imagine the THE GET UP KIDS, cross it with the way THE PROMISE RING used to rock out, add CHAMBERLAIN style guitars and you”re getting the picture. Then it’s a re-working of an older song ‘the Plot Is Lost”. This was always a strong song but somehow they”ve made it sound even better with gorgeously layered new guitar parts and the classy addition of female vocals. Overall RYDELL play with intricacy but always remain instant and catchy and keep you interested by mixing a much rougher vocal style which makes them all the more hardcore than most poppy emo bands.

Next up is SAN GERONIMO, ex-LIFETIME from the US, a band that have worked with Engineer before but are still relatively new and quite frankly one of the best upcoming bands around at the moment. They play full on, rocking, upfront melodic hardcore rock somewhere between JIMMY EAT WORLD and SAMIAM. The main attraction to SG is their ability to always keep things powerful even in the quiet stripped away parts, they just have an overall big sound. “Better If You Didn’t” is one of their finest songs to date, the vocals are amazing and slot in with the greats, producing edgy, emotive sophisticated rock like JOSHUA or FURTHER SEEMS FOREVER. Heavier than their previous material and even more addictive.

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