Rydell – Hard On The Trail

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  • Previous releases include the full length albums “Per Ardua Ad Astra” and “Always Remember Everything” as well as split CDs with Hunter Gatherer, San Geronimo and A Rocket Sent To You, Babies Three and Sunfactor. Also, split tour singles with Hot Water Music and Pale, and an acoustic ep. Most recently a track on a Shudder To Think tribute album and several emo and alt.rock compilations.
  • Tracks on the Big Cheese cover compilation, Slam and Clicked Skate comps, Dischord tribute and Self Made Maniac, Conquer and Give and Take samplers.
  • For fans of: Appleseed Cast, Braid, Cap n Jazz, Get Up Kids, Hot Water Music, Jimmy Eat World, Lifetime, Pop Unknown, Promise Ring, Samiam, Split Lip, etc.

Track Listing

  1. Know now
  2. Darkness Before Home
  3. Born Witness
  4. Awkward Times
  5. Cut to end
  6. Shifter (Girls With Skulls) [mp3]
  7. Analysis Of The Evidence
  8. Fire at the end of the street
  9. Ground never held me
  10. Team building exercise
  11. Boys of summer

About this Release 

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The third and final full length album from Rydell, the UK ‘s emo champions, proves that like the Lord Of The Rings trilogy movies, they just keep getting better and better.

The band have been compared with hardcore luminaries from Hot Water Music to Chamberlain and Get Up Kids to Joan Of Arc but still they come back with their own expressive, definitive sound and original blend of what they feel hardcore should be. Passionate lyrics sung and screamed over music that can be both melodic, mellow and damn powerful all at once.

From the sampled suburban parking lot conversation and the urgency of the very first track, Know Now, right through to the heart rending emotion of the last, Team Building Exercise, this is an album that will stay in your mind, keep you listening and putting the CD on repeat.

With the manic cover of Don Henley’s classic Boys Of Summer tacked on the end, it’s angst and anger blowing away any version you may have heard before, these eleven tracks will have you happily wandering in hardcoreland. For a good forty minutes you’ll be taken away from the everyday grind.

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