Rydell – Always Remember Everything

Album cover


  • Collection of early material from 7’s, compilations, split CD’s with Hot Water Music, Sunfactor, Pale, The Babies Three, etc.
  • Features previously unreleased tracks.
  • Strong existing fan-base for this well toured UK band.
  • Cover artwork includes discography and photo gallery.

Track Listing

  1. Try Seventeen
  2. Time of our time
  3. An event
  4. Hey Neve Campbell
  5. Home
  6. You Take Forever
  7. Across Three Parks
  8. Don’t Mean A Thing
  9. Home (Acoustic)
  10. Red Light Runner
  11. Stars Break Free
  12. Instro
  13. Post College Rock
  14. Gilsenan

About this Release

For some time Rydell have been busy behind the scenes writing and arranging their upcoming new album which is due to be unleashed soon. However like any quality, consistent band it’s always a nice touch to bridge the gap between the last release and the forthcoming with a concise collection of past material that clears up any missing loop holes from the band’s history committed to record.

With 14 tracks to savour, this collection spans the band’s 7″ highlights, cutting-room floor versions and early works that provides an insight into the band’s development and journeys that strayed from the path of previous full albums.

Most namely are the great acoustic versions of some of their familiar, staple songs. Take “Home” for example, always a well received set closer from years gone by, this time redelivered in an organic, acoustic form, exposing it’s true power in structure and melody.

Throughout the CD we are able to revisit some of Rydell’s important early moments that paved the way to exploring their future song writing but also made their mark at the time as truly accessible, well thought out songs. With the instant “Hey Neve Campbell” and ‘try 17″ (from their split 7″ with Hot Water Music), the quirky edge of “Across Three Parks” and the bold sounding “Gilsenan” and “Post College Rock” the line-up here is loaded with variation and the retrospective sound provides a raw and honest feel to indulge in.

As ever with Rydell it’s delivered well and captured with passion and whatever they explore, emotive and energetic music is once again the mainstay on their boldly worn sleeves.

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