Rentokill – Back To Convenience

Album cover


  • On tour: In Europe now and in the UK in 2005.
  • For fans of: No FX, Rancid, Avail, Operation Ivy, Propagandhi, SNFU, Strike Anywhere, Rise Against, etc.

Track Listing

  1. recuerdos de phoolan devi
  2. sounds of a pityful end
  3. go and get it right
  4. anything
  5. revenge of the animals
  6. signs of zodiac
  7. clockwork of meat industry
  8. ten roses
  9. herbs against the anxiety
  10. we are not rockin’
  11. sweet and sour
  12. olympia W.A. (RANCID)
  13. srebrenica 7/11
  14. what they say
  15. songs of convenience

About this Release

Blasting intense Punk Rock with a political and powerful message, RENTOKILL have been almost constantly on tour since their inception. The on-stage-experience at their shows takes the band to the next level and the sound can be compared to hardcore heavyweights like NO FX, PROPAGANDHI, RISE AGAINST, STRIKE ANYWHERE, RANCID and RICH KIDS ON LSD. There is always with a tasty note of individuality and progression in their music. With fast and exact drumming, striking melodies and hard driven guitars flowing aggressively along under the well thought out socio-political lyrics and the vocalist’s characteristic rasping voice. Nothing but raw emotion and catchy punk-rock, and this fifteen song studio album captures it perfectly.

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