Red Light Runner – What Are You Thinking About?

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What Are You Thinking About sounds like what you’d get if Blink 182 and Simple Plan teamed up, but the EP can also be likened to a similar sound that you’d find on early Fall Out Boy and Jimmy Eat World tracks.
That’s not to say that Red Light Runner don’t hold their own though – despite an EP that can easily hold ranks with some of pop punk’s biggest names, the four piece offer a fresh take on the genre.
The EP begins with a strong start. Opening track, First Time starts upbeat, with a catchy bridge, shredded guitars and a drum beat that immediately lifts your spirits.
A theme begins here and as I listen to the lyrics, I know that this EP is going to offer me a mixture of upbeat riffs and favourable melodies that give way to lyrics about problematic heartbreak and relationship angst.
Still, when a band’s music contrasts a song lyrically, it’s always impressive and has a greater effect when taking the time to really indulge into what is being sung.
Title track What Are You Thinking About features backup vocals by Charlie Dorrell and shies away from relationships to instead focus on being content with yourself and not allowing anyone else to define you – a subject that surely most indie kids (and pretty much everyone else!) are passionate about.
I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the band’s favourite tracks to perform live with fans singing along passionately.
Make You Pay offers more of an indie approach but it’s in this track that we benefit from some backing vocals from the rest of the band, as well as some seriously impressive guitar riffs. The track sees the return of the failed relationships theme, but this song isn’t a sad one in the slightest, in fact it’s one of the most feel good ones of the EP.
Aptly named Right Place Wrong Time is clearly the ballad of the EP with lyrics that rival any love song by bands such as Red Jumpsuit Apparatus or Hoobastank. The rhythm itself isn’t a sad one – but it is emotional, with lyrics such as ‘Although you’ll see me falling down, you’ll never hear me hit the ground’. Better yet – it’s a song that can almost resonate with everyone – who hasn’t struggled with something so right taking place at just the wrong time?
Personally, I believe this is one of the strongest tracks on the EP with relatable lyrics, a beat that draws you in and impressive guitar riffs.
The song ends with an impressive and slightly extended guitar solo that almost reminds me of old school rock and roll.
The final track has around about the same tempo as the others, but I have a feeling the bands continuous nods to old school pop punk with some ‘whoa whoa whoa’s’ will no doubt be responsible for some opportune moments for fans to sing along, much within earlier track, What Are You Thinking About.
There’s definitely a bunch of influence from bands such as Blink 182, Simple Plan and Jimmy Eat World in this album, but Red Light Runner bring their own distinctive sound to the pop-punk table.

1, First Time
2, What Are You Thinking About
3, Make You Pay
4, Right Place Wrong Time
5, Be Mine Again

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RLR have a new drummer and are gigging.

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