Red Light Green Light – Everything Has Gone Wrong

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  • ”Follow up to the Saboteur/The Mockingbird Nightmare/Red Light Green Light 3-way split out on Engineer, + self-released full-length Music Theory Is For Suckers.
  • ””RLGL was one of the only good things to happen in music in the past] few years. They have affected kids in this scene in an incredibly positive way…” Tom Keiger, Houston Calls
  • ””Best band to come out of NJ period!! Except for maybe “The Boss”, you know, Bruce Springstein…” – Anthony Lasala, School of Rock/Excess Db Entertainment

Track Listing

  1. EAC23
  2. She’s A Carnivore
  3. Almost Dead/Code Red
  4. March II (REVOLUTION)
  5. Habit vs. Habitat
  6. Everyone’s Getting Arrested
  7. Snaps Not Claps

About this Release

The new album “Everything Has Gone Wrong” by Red Light Green Light is “one of those records” and they are “one of those bands.” They are one of those bands that gets listed in bands influences rather than the Billboard Top 100 and they wouldn’t have it any other way. They preach old school punk rock ideas with a new school intensity all their own. In the song “Code Red/Almost Dead” the chorus sings “this is our contribution, but we are not your revolution. as youth dies dreams fade away. so live your life extraordinary and never settle for ordinary. be who you want to be, just live your life!”and that is what this record is about. Having the guts to follow your dreams and actually living your life. Red Light Green Light is one of those bands that you may have never heard of, but your favorite band has… and Everything Has Gone Wrong is a fine example of just that! Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.



This is a promising group, a post-hardcore band from New Jersey called Red Light Green Light. After four years in which they excelled primarily as a compelling live act around the US they announced their separation, and that was before they’d ever arrived in Europe, so you may not know them.
But they are something quite unusual, their sound lies somewhere between Senses Fail and Sky Eats Airplane. But with some very melodic parts and intelligent lyrics too, with a balanced level of screaming this album, although lesser known, is really worth listening to and a great manifestation of this genre. 11 out of 15.


Audiodrome (IT)

The American bands history began in 2005 and they seem to intend to change the rules and mix the papers of the scene. The points of reference for these musicians from New Jersey are varying, from Refused, Beastie Boys, At The Drive In, Lifetime, in other heavyweight classics with which it is not easy to be confronted with and exit the winners. We quickly say that Red Light Green Light has headed upwards, but are not quite at their resolutions to reach the summits touched by their influences own myths. That said it seems a risk they are happy to take.
The sound of ‘Everything Has Gone Wrong’ is rather a personal mixture of these infuences and huge record collections given their own style. With this in sight Red Light Green Light could be defined as a modern crossover from roots solidly planted in the hardcore scene but looking in the face of the more major labels. The results are not always impeccable and, in moments, flutter threatening phantoms of Linkin Park, but fortunately this is the exception and the album is balanced and varied. If they were to keep going it would be interesting to follow their evolution and the distance they could travel.


Rock Storm

Another very good band from Engineer records. The group Red Light Green Light was founded in 2005 in Rockaway, NJ at the basement club, a club known for concerts by musicians throwing together jam sessions, and that was the way Red Light Green Light came together.
They now have a demo, a split cd and two long-playing albums to their credit.
For the most part their tracks are based in punk and hardcore, with a big imprint in the form of Hip Hop of the Beastie Boys type, with Bouncing Souls and NYHC thrown in, but in their own style. They’ve created their own flavour and its a devilishly good one.


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