Red Car Burns – When Everything Seems To Be In Silence

Album cover


  • Red Car Burns have toured with Last Days of April, Digger, Evolution So Far, Coffee Shower, Lonely Kings, Appendix and tons more They will be on tour across Europe and at festivals in Italy, Germany, Belgium and Czech this summer as well as supporting NoFX.
  • For fans of: Jawbreaker, Hot Water Music, Saves The Day, Cornflames, Rydell, Small Brown Bike, etc.
  • Co-release with NH-N Records of Italy.

Track Listing

  1. Novembreh
  2. The meaning
  3. A problem with my fridge
  4. point of view
  5. Regrets and memories
  6. Searching for
  7. Near here
  8. Deceiver
  9. *** stars
  10. Something started
  11. So deeply

About this Release

A darker and deeper sound is coming your way with this brand new breath-taking album from Red Car Burns. Powerful yet memorable guitar lines underpinning great introspective lyrics based on a downright search of what is lost inside the soul are the main elements here. Everything on this record has clearly been moulded together with an intricate instrumental care not typical of the post rock era. An uneasy, questioning feeling is present from the first to the last breath of this album and even the guitar tricks and great melodies that vie to steal listener’s attention can’t take away from the records angst and desperation.

Red Car Burns are a new name in the already overpopulated music scene but one well worth searching out. Mixing easily elements of melodic punk rock, grunge and post rock /indie signals, what comes out is a fresh and quite innovative sound combined with a great band personality.

The band have reinvented themselves from past lives for this venture ad they have clearly learnt the hard way. Although they have been compared to greats such as Jawbreaker and Hot Water Music, Red Car Burns have been playing and touring for over six years in hardcore bands around Europe and have evolved into something very different.

This new album, titled “.when everything seems to be in silence” shows the band are now ready to show what they are made of. These new songs have a new energy and new life and you should definitely handle with care! Red Car Burns, watch out not to get burnt!

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