Red Car Burns – The Roots and the Ruins

Album cover


  • Influenced by Jawbreaker, Face to Face, Hot Water Music and Samiam.
  • Playing and Touring in Europe as RCB since 2004.
  • Second full length album. Split with No Reason Records (Italy).

Track Listing

  1. A Long Sleep
  2. Unable To Answer
  3. My Reflecting Friday
  4. Roots/Ruins
  5. We’re Coming Home
  6. Old Scent
  7. Things Are Changing Fast
  8. So Many Times

About this Release

Mixing elements of melodic punk rock, grunge and post-rock /indie signals, Red Car Burns kick ass on this CD, their 2nd full length release. Co-released with Koi Records, Strictly Commercial, No Reason Records and ST Records. Their music is influenced by Face to Face, Hot Water Music and Samiam.

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